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  • Have You Ever Be Punished

    Have you ever been punished? Warnings, Mutes, Bans No, I have never gotten punished. Explain some cases in which you would punish players. Perm-ban, temp-ban, perm-mute, temp-mute, warn This line means the permissions past it are for higher ranks ------------------------------ Server Drama: Required Permissions: Moderator + Commands: /ban {player} Server Drama/Hate /banip {player} Server Drama/Hate Example: A player comes on and just starts tension between OPCraft and another server or players, then I would ban the player, or ban the player’s IP. /ban(ip) iFishy Server Drama/Hate Server drama consists of someone causing or starting drama/rumors and causing tension between OPCraft or its players and can cause a player getting a…

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  • Web Analytics Challenges

    [6] This single visitor may visit the site any number of times over a period of time. However, this single visitor has its own unique identity. The above definition is quite simple to understand for us humans. However, online determination of a unique visitor is different and is not foolproof. The unique visitor is identified as unique based on its IP address. This determination of the IP addresses of every visitor is done by using a log analyzer and server log files. However, some ISPs and…

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  • Microcomputers Case Study

    It is a multiprocessing system capable to support up to 200 simultaneous users. Minicomputers stand-alone computers and are smaller in size than mainframes and bigger than the microcomputers. (Anon., 2014) Types & Description Models Functions Support Multiprocessing? Environment to Used Mid-range servers Medium-sized computer that can handle large scale processing of Business and Scientific applications. (Bytes notes, 2013) ADM Opteron Servers • Multi-gigabytes of RAM and multi-terabytes of…

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  • The Impact Of Information Technologies On Preschool Child Development

    Do preschool aged children benefit or are they hindered from the use of computers at school? This question is answered in the article “The Impact of Information Technologies on Preschool Child Development.” By, Svetlana Andelic, Zoran Cekerevac and Nikola Dragovic. The research conducted for this article takes an in depth look at how computer use affects children pedagogically, psychologically, sociologically and medically. Information technologies particularly computers and computer like…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Internet Security

    Internet, one of the greatest inventions in the 1970s, originally came from a communication system developed by the United States during the Cold War. As technology has improved, the network system has grown rapidly. From the beginning of military communication system to now which everything is possible through Internet. Based on the record of the company Internet Live Stats, the number of the Internet users had grown from three hundred and sixty million in 2000 to three billion in 2014. More…

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  • Why Do Companies Use Internet Cookies

    This site defines cookies and some of the ways they are used. The site states, "a ‘cookie’ is a small text file placed on your local computer sent by a web server so that your data can later be read back from that website." This file will tell the Internet information specific to the user’s computer, and if the user ever visits that site again. The video, on the referenced site, goes on to explain in more detail the different areas where a cookie can be used. Some of the things that can be done…

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  • Assignment 1 Criminal Law Assignment

    Yadira Pichardo Assignment #1 Criminal Law Scenarios Read each of the following scenarios and answer the question(s) after each. Save this document to your computer; you will need to rename it, then type your answers on this document. Upload the document to the Assignment page: 1. John Lions was shopping at Target. He had a number of items in his cart when he approached the checkout counter. He had placed 2 unpaid for items in his pants pocket: a pair of earrings for his girlfriend and a…

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  • Nt1330 Unit 1 Research Paper

    configure in the past, but Homegroup is easy to set up. Just create a Homegroup from the Homegroup option within Windows Explorer (File Explorer on Windows 8) and you’ll get a password which enables you to access fromyour nearby computers and they can join your Homegroup. The other members of the Homegroup will now have access to your shared files when they log ON to the same network — then you may select the libraries whichever you want to share while you create a Homegroup. Dropbox…

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  • ARP And The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

    As name suggests it is used to dynamically assigning the IP address to network machines .So, we don’t need to assign IP manually. DHCP protocol is used by networking equipment’s. e.g. routers. How DHCP works:- Dynamic IP address will be generated and assigned from pool of network. It assigns that IP address which are expired. This is done using DHCP server. The high level working of DHCP has mentioned below: a) The network which is connected to your machine, request for IP address to DHCP…

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  • Are People Too Dependent On Computers Essay

    Are People Too Dependent on Computers It is hard to imagine life without computers. Computers have opened society up to an entire world of possibilities. They give them the ability to do things previously unimagined. Computers and the Internet are used to work, shop, socialize, pay bills, access healthcare information, be entertained, and even acquire an education. People have grown to rely on these technologies and are too dependent on computers. Relying on computers without alternatives that…

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