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  • Web Analytics : The Future Of Data Analysis

    why. This is one of the limits of clickstream data. So Web Analytics was redefined and the new definition is discussed in the next paragraph. Modern Definition of Web Analytics: Web Analytics is the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data from the website and the competition to drive a continual improvement of the online experience that our customers and potential customers have which translates into the desired outcomes (online and offline). Web Analytics is also the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of web data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage. (Note: The picture in the above page is the diagrammatic representation of modern web analytics) Page Caching in Web Analytics: Web Analytics allows us to cache some or all of the response that is…

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  • Using Web Analytics

    The operating system keeps taking page caching of each page as a backup just in case the current page is not available under any reasons. Also, using page cache improves websites performance and lead to quick access to the web…

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  • Web Analytics Challenges

    purchase(s) on one of the earlier visited sites. Cached pages are static HTML versions of a page. These pages are created when search engines store a backup version of the page. Instead of accessing the database of the site which can end up being time consuming, this static stored backup HTML version of the page is immediately made available by the search engines. When a user is viewing a page, the user can be informed that a recent version of the cached page is available for the user to view.…

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  • Microarchitectural Analysis Of Image Quality Assessment Essay

    The most common microarchitectural bottleneck was memory overhead, though the degree to which they affect performance varies across the different algorithms. Hence, prioritization for optimization is based on the impact of hotspot function towards algorithm performance. An important note is that though memory overhead hinders performance of any algorithm, at the microarchitectural level it is caused by various reasons such as L1D replacements, L2D replacements or DTLB. Interestingly,…

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  • Shedd-Frasier Case Study

    computer components just as public transportation helps one person get to one destination to another. Direct Media Interface connects the Intel memory controller and the controller hub on the computers motherboard. Finally yet importantly, Quick Path Interconnection is the connection between CPU and the memory controller. Direct Media Interface and Quick Path Interconnection both connect to their components through chips (Kilgore, Hardware, 2015). Overall, FSB works together with Direct Media…

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  • Hardware And Software Components Analysis

    types of RAM: • DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) • SRAM (Static Random Access Memory) DRAM is the more common type of RAM but if we were talking speed then SRAM is faster as DRAM needs to be refreshed thousands of times a second, SRAM does not need to be refreshed. Which is why it is faster than DRAM. ROM (Read Only Memory): ROM is also know as “Firmware” will not lose its data even when the power supply is off, this makes it non volatile. Thus meaning it is able to store things such as…

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  • War Against Terrorism Lisa Cache Analysis

    Lisa Cache presents an interesting analysis on the war against terrorism. She specifically mentions how President Bush in 2001 used vague terms: “evildoers” and “terrorists”. The descriptions for those people opened up the definition for who could be an evildoer and a terrorist. The lack of specifics allows for gang members and undocumented immigrants to be included in the definition of a terrorist. There was also an emphasis on the word “illegality” as it allowed for racial targeting. Since…

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  • Informative Speech On Geocaching

    • Principle of CITO or Cache In, Trash Out refers to geocachers who collect and dispose of any litter found along the way. Leave the environment as clean as, or better than you found it. People are finding interesting ways to use geocaching. Educators are interested in using it as a tool to motivate students, get them out of the classroom and increase their physical activity, while teaching them navigational and analytical puzzle solving skills. Workout routines are becoming more dynamic by the…

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  • The Apache Indian Tribe

    fact that the Apache did not write down their history, instead it was passed down through oral tails. (Herr, 2013) However, we do know that the Apache roamed the Southwestern United States and Mexico, because archaeologists have discovered sites that belonged to the 14th and 15th century Apache called Platform Cave Caches. These were places that the Apaches hid their supplies and other important objects, as well as conducted ceremonies and rituals. (Seymour, 2013) The 14th and 15th century…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Geocaching

    to test the new GPS accuracy.” (Briney 2009). He posted the coordinates of his target online, and within two days, his target was found. Behold the birth of geocaching, a popular outdoor activity in which participants try to find hidden containers filled with trinkets, using GPS technology. Since its start in 2000, over 860,000 caches have been hidden in over 100 countries around the world. In that same year, a man named Jeremy Irish quit his job at an online clothing store to start the…

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