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  • Tropicália

    restricted the following year when its founding members, Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso, were exiled as threats to society. Its music applied a mixture of musical styles, from Brazilian traditional dance to American rock, to create a new, synthesized culture of the tropical and the modern. In doing so, it rejected Brazil’s strong nationalist agenda, from both sides of the political spectrum, and posed as a social critique to both the conservative elite…

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  • Bossa Nova Analysis

    the Samba dominated the musical scenario, and it was produced by the low class population in the rodas de samba, which were groups of musicians who would informally gather in bars to play and compose. Bossa Nova produced international hits such as Garota de Ipanema by Tom Jobim, reinterpreted by Frank Sinatra as Girl from Ipanema. Mammi (1992) says that Bossa Nova represents the Rio de Janeiro middle class; it suggests the idea of a refined life without being aristocratic, of comfort that does…

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  • Tropicalia Movement Essay

    influence of Western culture. The movement has made an everlasting impact upon Brazil and the society’s culture. Over the past 3 decades, Tropicalia has become legendary. Tropicalism was a movement that began in 1967 that really shook the popular music and culture in Brazil. Stars of Tropicalia, Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso who introduced a new sound in Brazilian music during the beginning of the…

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  • Classicism In Brazil

    and developed an intimate, lightweight and colloquial outline based on the solo voice and piano or guitar to Accompaniment, and with refinements of harmony and rhythm. The biggest names of this time are Nara Leão, Carlos Lyra, Joao Gilberto, Toquinho, Vinicius de Morais, Tom Jobim and Maysa Matarazzo. After the bossa nova, in the 60 's, samba gained new experiences with other genres, such as rock and funk, and experienced by various artists, the period marked an affirmation and modernization…

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