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  • Religion In Anthropology

    Archaeological Anthropology Question 1: First Appearances of Religion When we think of religion, we often are reminded or churches or temples, morality, and an all-powerful, all-knowing, and benevolent being often referred to as a God, Goddess, or in some forms of recent religions, multitudes of the formers. As cited by the Oxford Dictionary there is one common definition of religion which is the “The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.” Subsequently, this is the most prominent idea when we think about religion. On the contrary, there is a definition which explains religion as “ A pursuit or interest followed with great devotion.” which may refer to an older and less thought of form of religion. From an archaeological standpoint, we have an old but well-known form of religion referred to as Hinduism. Although, this religion does still exist in today’s modern society, it should be known that the religion goes as far back as 5500 BCE. Moreover, it has accumulated, a significant amount of history as well as archeological artifacts. As explained by the Ancient History Encyclopedia, one of the earliest evidence of Hinduism is found within the ancient Indus Valley civilization. This civilization shows signs of goddess worship in the form of old texts, Pashupati sketches, and a Mother Goddess figurine which clearly shows signs of some form of organized religion amongst the people of that time. Although there is quite a…

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  • The Importance Of Observation In Agriculture

    1. My past camping experiences have been quite minor, but I used to live out in the desert with lots of wilderness around 2. The area I’m in is a more desert biome, outside or by a school with a large patch of desert. The typical temperature is Hot and I would expect minor precipitation to fall there in the month of my visit. The soil type is dry dirt and is very dusty, as well as the area around me is very barren. I chose a site on a slope without a water drainage feature. 3. I expected to…

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  • Deer Hunting Journey

    you ready”? I respond with “Of course” We hop in the now warm car and begin our drive into the hills. We get to our destination and slowly hop out of the car trying not to make a sound, grab our rifles and begin to walk. Walking…

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  • The Town Rush Case Study

    create a town belt, which had a positive effect on sustaining the green space around the city. The Settlers also took advantage of the hills beside the wetlands and reclaimed a lot of area in order to develop more flat land for the city. This had a negative impact on the environment because the landscape was dramatically…

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  • Essay On Stonehenge Memorial

    have it in a random, isolated location in the woods that are across the lake from my cabin which is an isolated area to begin with. I chose this location for more a joke factor in a sense because people would not expect this at all and a random person that stumbles upon it would be in awe with what they have just “found”. People may think that it is something signifcant from the past and/or holds great value to the past as well. They would potentially think that it is historic. It will be on a…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Crash

    I rode the dirt bike safely and at a normal speed for five minutes and then me, my dad and my brother finally ended the trail. We were on the open area and just like the sign at the beginning said there were a lot of dirt hills everywhere. We figured out that we had about ten minutes left until we needed to start driving back to the car and then go home. So we decided to hang out around the hills and ride around on the hills. We did a few jumps and we were about to leave when I went way to…

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  • Black Hills Gold Rush

    This investigation examines the historical question of “to what extent did the Black Hills Gold Rush of 1874 lead to the Great Sioux War of 1876?”. The key sources chosen to support this investigation are a book of compiled historical information from the United States Department of the Interior and an interview of a Native American woman that lived through both the Black Hills Gold Rush and the Great Sioux War. These are relevant because one has access to an extensive database of government…

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  • Crazy Horse: Fallen Chief

    The two representatives said that Crazy Horse was, “hostile, tricky, and unfaithful to others, and very selfish as to the personal interest of his own tribe.” Because of this developing situation, Irwin canceled the order to distribute ammunition that was supposed to be used for the buffalo hunt. Meanwhile, it seemed that Crazy Horse was becoming more and more disillusioned with his decision to surrender. He had to watch as his Cheyenne brothers who fought alongside him were marched south to…

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  • Pinnckney Street History

    Living on Beacon Hill, Boston’s pinnacle neighborhood that brims with history and wealth, is a dream that is out of reach to many individuals due to the astronomically high real estate prices in the area. However, even if one were to have an unlimited budget to buy whatever home in Beacon Hill they desired, the limitless possibilities would make it hard for an individual to decide. If I had an unlimited budget, I would choose 94 Pinckney Street as my residence on Beacon Hill. The choice of 94…

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  • The Lone Ranger And Tonto Analysis

    In The Lone Ranger and Tonto and “How to Write the Great American Indian Novel” by Sherman Alexie, reservation realism is portrayed through continuous references of Native American conflict. In The Lone Ranger and Tonto, Thomas-Builds-the-Fire was arrested for detaining the reservation postmaster, Eve Ford. Several years later, the case goes to trial and the Bureau of Indian affairs grants Thomas an opportunity to give his testimony. During the trial, Alexie mentions Eve Ford sitting among the…

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