Assignment 1. John Lions Was Shopping At Target?

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Yadira Pichardo
Assignment #1
Criminal Law
Read each of the following scenarios and answer the question(s) after each. Save this document to your computer; you will need to rename it, then type your answers on this document. Upload the document to the Assignment page:
1. John Lions was shopping at Target. He had a number of items in his cart when he approached the checkout counter. He had placed 2 unpaid for items in his pants pocket: a pair of earrings for his girlfriend and a pacifier for his infant son. Total value of both=$15.78. As he paid for the items in his cart, Target security noticed that he did not remove the items from his pocket to pay for them. They called police who arrested John.
Did the police charge John with a
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Helen threw her 2-week-old daughter into the river, possibly killing her if the baby was never found in time. This crime is automatically considered wicked and truly evil, she intentionally wanted to harm her newborn baby. Babies at 2 weeks old do not know how to swim, and it is certain that she knew that. The temperature of the water for a 2-week-old could also be harmful. Moreover, Bernie Madoff stole millions of dollars from a friend. Friends do not steal from other friends, or from anyone. Madoff stole millions, those millions of dollars stolen could have greatly affected the friend in a negative way. That money could have been to pay bills, children’s schools, and other important matters. Bernie Madoff knew exactly what he was doing, and went to lengths to have more money at any cost. Both Helen and Bernie committed crimes that are mala in se in that they were inherently …show more content…
Explain your answer.
• The JoAnna Banks’ scenario would be considered criminal. Embezzlement of large amounts of money is considered grand theft, which is a felony under Florida statutes 812.014. This would mean that JoAnna could face jail time for stealing, which is a crime. Which scenario would be considered a civil matter? Explain your answer.
• The Johnson’s family scenario would be considered a civil matter. This is because there are two individuals involved and a noncriminal offense is being committed. The neighbor would have to just pay a fine and take down the fence.

Could a criminal court or a civil court address both of these scenarios? Explain!
• No, a criminal court or a civil court cannot address both of these scenarios. Civil law would protect the individual rather than the public. It is also brought by an individual rather than a state prosecutor. Whereas a criminal law has more of the society as a whole in mind to protect. It is also brought by a prosecutor. They both have different range of burden of proof. Criminal cases require beyond reasonable doubt, and civil cases require by a preponderance of evidence. The two courts would handle each case

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