Eggshell Egg Case Study

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Eggshell from Gallus Gallus Domesticus as an Additive Ingredient in Making Calcium-Rich Cookies
Ken R. Soto, Alyssa Jhayne E. Del Rosario, Harlene S. Rinos
Caloocan National Science and Technology High School, Congress Road, Bagumbong, Caloocan City Introduction
Eggshells have the most significant role as a component of an egg. It serves as the protection of the inner extremities of an egg such as the albumen, chalazae, the yolk, and the vitelline membrane. However, people dispose it without knowing its significance and capacities. 30% of eggs are used by food industries annually, which translate to 50 million cases of eggs. In this case, it creates a big problem as a big contributor of junk in the environment with 150,000 tons of shell waste
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(2012), Natural Eggshell Membrane is an ingredient with glycosaminoglycans and proteins which are naturally occurring components that help maintain healthy joints and connective tissues. Based on their experiments, the eggshell didn’t exhibit cytotoxic effects at the dose of 100 μg in an in vitro human cell viability assay, genotoxic effects in an in vitro assay of four strains of histidine-dependent Salmonella typhimurium and one strain of tryptophan-dependent Escherichia coli at a dose of up to 5000 μg, and acute toxicity when it was tested in rats at a single oral dose of up to 2000 mg/kg body weight, nor signs of toxicity. The results of the experiments in the study suggests that eggshell may be safe for human …show more content…
(2016), an eggshell is a hard mineralized structure that protects the contents of the egg and the growing embryo that have a thickness, whole size, and shell pores that vary from species to species. It is a ceramic material showing texture gradient and different kinds of eggshell have a common mineral content Calcium Carbonate in the form of calcites and don’t have any type of cells in it. Eggshells have different maculation from different species of bird, which have different functions due to the pigments like Porphyrin and Biliviridin derived from haem, which can be viewed by staining. This study talks about the appearance of colored dots on dented like surface of the egg shell of chicken, as well the total Calcium content in this egg

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