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  • Online Dating Report

    By limiting free features these websites encourage many users to purchase a subscription to their services. Not to mention, subscriptions last until you cancel them so if you forget to cancel the subscription and don’t use the service you pay for services you aren’t using. EHarmony has subscription options that cost upwards of 59.99 a month. EHarmony’s fees for their dating service can surpass $700 a year! EHarmony’s advice is to stick with it for several months to improve you odds of finding a soul mate. EHarmony’s advice sounds all too self-serving - by continuing to try to find your soul mate you pay for a premium account, increasing EHarmony’s revenue. A more mid-range dating site like Match can cost up to $41.99 a month, or over $500 a year. Assuming somebody wants to be on both websites, they could be paying well over $1200 a year for online services. You could buy a functional 4 cylinder car or a brand new 50” TV for the cost of a year dating online. Sure, some people have a thousand dollars to spend for potential…

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  • The Benefits Of Online Dating

    In this new age driven by technology everything around us seems to be changing. Technology nowadays has influenced many aspects of our lives from the way we get an education, apply for a job, and even how we find love. It is now possible to meet your future spouse through a computer screen, or at least that is what websites like Match, and eHarmony are claiming to be able to do. Can finding love really be that simple? Is answering a few questions like how much you make, or how tall you are…

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  • Dating Vs Online Dating

    whatever we want! Is there such a thing as being too comfy? I know we have all rolled out of bed straight onto campus not having a care in the world. But, that first day of the semester we walk into our class and we see that extremely attractive girl or guy and we think to ourselves, “Damn, I should probably step my game up.” The ball is in our court when it comes to comfort at school, do we make that extra mile to look handsome or cute or do we say screw it that gorgeous human being should…

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  • Online Dating Essay

    way a human communicate to another and it all because of the advance in technology. Just as online dating that attracts millions of users every day and is rather viewed as a new phenomenon that is taking over the world. Online dating is seen as a site where people get to know possible mates that are similar to the other person. The users usually require to register and in some case, a payment is needed in order to register. Along with the registration, the user needs to provide personal data,…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Online Dating Sites

    everything these days. There are dating sites for ghost lovers, pot smokers, horse lovers, dog lovers, bikers, and beautiful people. But the most controversial dating sites are the dating sites catering to people living with an STD. Many people who are not living with a sexually transmitted disease worry that these dating sites may have a negative influence for them in some way, but the truth is that they are actually making it easier for people to date the exact type of person they want to…

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Dangers Of Online Dating

    where the relationships usually stay. Online dating is connected to the social changes of the modern world. Modern dating websites are the equivalent of putting out personal ads in newspapers. This could be the result of men and women working longer hours, and having less time to date traditionally. It can also be argued that “the millennial mindset” urges the younger generation to go out looking for love instead of letting it happen naturally. Eighteen-year-olds are more concerned with their…

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  • The Importance Of Grammar And Dates

    the type of concerns people of today are having. The concern of these people is what will define their final judgement on grabbing a bite to eat, or who they will marry. An article by Georgia Wells of the Wall Street Journal, explains why those are beginning to determine their future husbands and wives on this one concern. This concern is ridiculous, but yet logical; people are now judging potential dates on their grammar on dating sites. It is not shocking that society has began to judge…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Online Dating

    Imagine a mother sitting with her children describing how she met their father. What would she tell them? Is it the perfect love story or were there a couple bumps along the way to happiness? Meeting that special someone can be quite difficult. Where will it happen? When will it happen? How would someone know when they have found “the one”? With the influx of technology, the dating game has changed. Nowadays, everyone is using online dating websites or apps like Tinder, eHarmony, or okCupid.…

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  • Love In The Age Of Like Analysis

    Online dating is a current trend taking over the 21st century. However, is it for the best? Aziz Ansari goes on to explain the fascination with online dating, and how everyday people are finding love within a society compelled to constantly have the best option available in his article, “Love in the Age of Like”. Aziz Ansari begins the article by discussing the fact that his father was able to decide on a wife quicker than he was once able to decide on where to dine during a business trip to…

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  • Cause And Effect Essay On Dating

    the technology that we have today never existed. It has not only made it easier to communicate with others when we are not with them, but it has also changed how some people communicate face to face. Teens in this generation do not have very good communication skills when it comes to talking to someone in person. This is because they are so used to hiding behind their phone that they are almost a different person when it comes to actually talking to others face to face instead of on the phone.…

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