How Dating Has Changed

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Throughout the years dating has changed drastically. The way that people interact with one another has become so different over the years. One of the main causes of that has to do with social media and how advanced it has become. Years ago the technology that we have today never existed. It has not only made it easier to communicate with others when we are not with them, but it has also changed how some people communicate face to face. Teens in this generation do not have very good communication skills when it comes to talking to someone in person. This is because they are so used to hiding behind their phone that they are almost a different person when it comes to actually talking to others face to face instead of on the phone. People
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She expected to be with my dad for the rest of her life, however, my dad passed away from cancer. Therefore, my mom has decided to jump back on the dating wagon, but it is so different from what dating used to be. She has moved to dating websites because there really isn’t any other way to meet new people these days unless you put yourself out there by going to bars or something like that. She has had some good and bad experiences with the online dating, yet she has met some good friends from a couple of the websites. There was a guy that said he was single so they started talking, but it turned out that he still had a wife. His wife was one of my friends teachers, so as soon as my mom found out she stopped talking to him. He then ended up making a different account pretending to be Asian. There have been a few guys that she has actually gone on a date with. She just makes sure to meet them at a public place since she doesn’t know exactly who she is …show more content…
However, half of the time they just go to some fast food restaurant like McDonald’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, KFC, or Subway, to get food. They normally end up taking the food home or eat it in the car, instead of sitting down and ordering an actual meal. If the couple stays and eats at the restaurant they just end up sitting on their phone instead of having an actual conversation with each other. I have been guilty of it. After the ¨date¨ is over the next question is… ¨What are

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