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  • Einsatzgruppen In The Holocaust

    The creation of the einsatzgruppen started one of the first ever genocides in history, by the development of groups that would literally go door to door murdering minorities. With over a million confirmed kills, the Einsatzgruppen contributed to over fifteen percent of people who were killed in the genocide alone. With the technologies and masterminds behind the operation, it truly seemed like nothing could stop this destructive force. The killing squads jump started even concentration camps and other killing methods used in the Holocaust, this event was truly entirely their fault. The Einsatzgruppen were groups of people in Hitler’s ranks in the Holocaust who would hunt down minorities and killed them. They had many other tasks besides just…

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  • The Einsatzgruppen In Germany

    The Einsatzgruppen murdered an estimated 1.5 million Jews in large-and small-scale operations. Einsatzgruppen was mostly made up of the SS and volunteered German policeman. Among their ranks were both conscripts and volunteers. Each division was comprised of several companies or platoons and contained between 700 and 1,000 men. The Einsatzgruppen divided into four battalion sized groups A,B,C,D.“ Einsatzgruppen came directly to the home communities of Jews and massacred them”(United States…

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  • Filbert's Contributions

    The mind of a perpetrator is a subject that has fascinated historians, resulting in the study to try and understand these killers. While books on top Nazis such as Himmler and Heydrich are more prevalent when trying to explain the mind behind the Holocaust, Alex Kay 's book, The Making of an SS Killer: The Life of Colonel Alfred Filbert, 1905-1990, looks to shed light on the mindset and conduct behind a mid/ lower level perpetrator. Basing the primary research of his book on archival records,…

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  • Kristallnacht Final Solution Essay

    from Reich citizenship and banned them from marrying people of "German or related blood." Kristallnacht or the “Night of Broken Glass” was the anti-Jewish pogroms that took place on the 9th and 10th of November in 1938. On Kristallnacht Nazis in Germany burned down synagogues, vandalized Jewish homes, schools and businesses. Over 100 Jewish men were killed and 30,000 men were arrested and sent to concentration camps,After the invasion of Poland in 1939 anti-Semitic policies grew. Before…

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  • The Holocaust Happened

    written by the Nazi German state themselves, that they found after the war. They provided evidence of the policies and actions of the Nazis. For example, the Einsatzgruppen Reports, that documented the progress of the mobile killing units, used to gas any Jewish person. They started by following German soldiers into soviet territory and carried out mass-murder operations, but then progressed to going into cities and towns and taking Jewish families from their homes and sometimes whole…

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  • The Influence Of The Wannsee Conference

    Solution,” the systematic extermination of Europe’s Jews. At the Wannsee Conference in 1942, high-ranking Nazi Party and government officials met to discuss the coordination and implementation of the “Final Solution” (“Wannsee Conference”). It was through the bureaucratic coordination of multiple sectors of the government and particularly the use of railways in deportation and transport that Hitler and the Nazis were able to successfully execute the Holocaust. Prior to the Wannsee Conference,…

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  • How Far Was Hitler Responsible For Ww2 Essay

    Russia would be a ruthless "war of annihilation" targeting Communists and Jews and that normal rules of military conflict were to be utterly ignored. Inside the Soviet Union were an estimated three million Jews, many of whom still lived in tiny isolated villages known as Shtetls. Following behind the invading German armies, four SS special action units known as Einsatzgruppen systematically rounded-up and shot all of the inhabitants of these Shtetls. Einsatz execution squads were aided by…

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  • How Did Hitler Prevent The Holocaust?

    to the east proved impossible as well, for “lack of transportation facilities” (DI SCALA 430). Prisoners were used as slave labor in camps. Slave laborers were also sent to Germany to work in factories and on farms. To meet the goal of eradicating Jews, the Germans created the Einsatzgruppen, special police units to murder Jews and intellectuals” (DI SCALA 422). Four of these police units were established in anticipation for an attack from Russia. Each unit consisted of 400-700 people, and were…

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  • Impact Of Nazi Policy On Madagascar

    SS, Einsatzgruppen, and other members of the German government all played a part in the evolution from ethnic cleansing to genocide. There are even more confusing roles in this story when you look at institutions such as the Gestapo. The Holocaust can most reliably be said to have started in 1941 and the people who took part in the killings had a variety of reasons for doing so. Ethnic Cleansing Under Hitler, Germany became a dangerous place for Jews. In spite of the great contributions they…

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  • How Did The Nazi Empire Have To Achieve In Europe

    victory of the Jew.” Adolf Hitler later toned down his anti-semitic message when his party sought mass electoral victories, andt-Semitism was a recurring theme in Nazism and resulted in a wave of legislative acts against the Jews between 1933 and 1939. By the beginning of 1939, Nazi policy focused on promoting the emigration of German Jews from Germany. At the same time, Adolf Hitler had given ominous warnings about the future of European Jewry. When Adolf Hitler addressed the German Reichstag…

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