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  • Examples Of Ira Reiss's Theory Of Love In Our Souls At Night

    Our Souls at Night (Wheel Theory) What is love? That is the age old question that is almost impossible to define, people have been asking the question for a long time and still have not found a very good answer. Love, depending on the person you ask can be many different things, but there is one thing that we cannot deny, we all experience it at least once in our lives. Professor Ira Reiss from the University of Minnesota came up with her own theory of love that is broken down into four different stages. One could say that her theory could correlate with the novel based on those stages which are: Rapport, self-revelation, mutual dependency, and personality need fulfillment. The first stage that Reiss proposes in her theory is rapport, which basically means two people who have a close relationship and talk about how each other feel. Reiss suggests that a rapport can also mean that both people can have a similar background or a similar past “One or both believe they have so much in common that they feel a degree of mutual understanding.” (Borland, D. (1975). In order for this stage to become relevant the final stage would have to be finished since the theory essentially goes in a wheel. Both of the main characters have a similar background due to the fact that they are both widowers and are both older in age. The whole reason on why the relationship between the two main characters started was because they were both lonely and wanted companionship. The same could be said about…

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  • Narrative Essay On Toxic Relationships

    Relationships are a part of life, some are good relationships, and some are toxic relationships. Elane had experienced two different toxic relationships. One with a friend, and one with a boyfriend. Both relationships had mentally drained her. "I can 't believe how stupid I was. I wasted two years of my life, " she said out loud to herself. She thought about how she tried and tried to make her friend, Haleigh, and her boyfriend, Joe, happy. She never got the same in return. Whenever asked,…

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  • Wax Museum: A Short Story

    “So guess where we’re going over spring break?” "Where?" I asked my mom. "Where going to St. Louis to visit a wax Museum." When she informed me regarding this outing I was not excited. I loathe leaving town. There 's nothing to do, you 're perched on your butt, and in the long run it begins to get numb; you 're exhausted for a considerable length of time. Also I have five more youthful siblings and sisters. I would need to it in the car with them the entire whole outing and they 're boisterous.…

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  • Cultural Appropriation Case Study

    1. The changing environment for business affects Google’s ability to communicate in this situation because the lines have become increasingly blurred. The internet provides businesses with platforms by which to communicate with customers in ways that were unheard of before so companies like Google have become more involved politically than they were before. The actions that Google took in this case in choosing to cooperate with the Chinese government might have communicated a politically charged…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Shocking Restoration Of Faith In Human Race

    My Shocking Restoration of Faith in Human Race I am pretty sure after reading the title you are going like “Whaaat?”. In order to explain the title, and for you to understand my state of mind, I need to first tell you about an event that occurred few years back. Few years ago I used to go to a gym next to my office and I would keep my clothes and bag in the gym locker, like everyone else. Also, like everyone else, I would leave my sneakers and socks under the benches in front of the lockers…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: What Is A Plane?

    Donald Trump? Hillary Clinton? Plane? These are only a few of the many thoughts racing through my mind. When I got an email from Mr.Pergament, i’ll be honest, I was worried I got into some trouble. However, after I read the entire email I was thrilled. I have never been in Washington DC, let alone an airplane! One thing troubled me, though. Money. I was worried, I already planned on using my Rowland grant for the Morocco trip. Money has always been a struggle with my family, I was usually the…

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  • Jerry Martin: A Short Story

    Teenagers are members of an uncontrolled circus, they are rollercoasters. Jerry Martin, a handsome young teenager, with golden hair brighter than the sun, was in a down swing of the rollercoaster. His Dad was blackmailing him, and he didn’t like it; not at all. He had promised Jerry ten thousand dollars, but only on the condition that Jerry received an OP1. And then came the lecture, “Life offers you many paths to choose from. You have to choose the one that is right, the one where you never…

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  • Analysis Of Charles Perrault's Blue Beard

    Blue Hair, Red Hands Mystery is sexy. Although it is a thrill to meet someone new and let the imagination take over, it can be a life altering choice. No one ever truly knows another person because of the secrets that are kept by a closed lip friend, or a dead wife. The story of “Blue Beard” by Charles Perrault shows that with a beautiful bride and a house full of riches, even the darkest secrets can have light shed on them no matter how long or hard you try to hide the past from the…

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  • Scene Analysis: The Graduate

    audience to see this as pathetic. The content of the shot is interesting because he is in an enormous shower, signifying that he does have material possessions but his sexual life is inadequate. The scene with the masturbation is then quickly juxtapositioned to one with vibrant red rose, that is clipped by Lester’s wife Elaine. Certainly clipping the rose should not be seen as accident. The vibrant red rose is stark contrast to the boring vanilla blandness of Lester’s bedroom and…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Spring Break

    So it was about three weeks before Spring Break and I had to make up my mind about what I was to do because I didn’t want to be cooped up in the house like I do annually anyways. My cousin Josiah had opened that opportunity up for me. He had asked me if I wanted to go to New York with him over the Spring Break and meet my other family. At first, I paid him no mind because I thought he was buffing until his mom called me and asked if I was coming or not. She told me that if I was coming, have my…

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