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  • Analysis: Candide Leaves For Cunegonde

    El Dorado differs from Europe in that they don’t have a religion, have no need for material wealth, and all work together cohesively, instead of warring over pieces of land. 10. What is the significance of the “six kings” (Chap. 26) The six kings were thrown in to the story for Voltair to make a point that power is not definite. All six of the kings were once in power, but in the end, Candide gives the most amount of charity (pg. 76) and the kings remain obscure beggars. 11. What does "We must cultivate our garden," Candide's epiphany, mean in the context of Voltaire's satire? In the context of 21st century life? Voltaire satirizes both Pangloss’s beliefs and Martin’s beliefs to show the absurdity of their philosophies. At the end of the book, Voltaire has Candide form his own philosophy stating that you need to work to earn things and not just wait until they happen. Pangloss’s theory takes the idea of waiting for things to happen to an extreme as he believes that tragedies are meant to happen in order to achieve what you want. Martin believes that nothing good happens and that all events are inevitable and don’t lead to anything positive. Voltaire satirizes their theories to show the ridiculousness of their…

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  • Voltaire And The Enlightenment

    and thus tone on religion. He also brings up the prospect of El Dorado, this Heaven on Earth, leaving us with the question of whether such a place actually could exist.…

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  • Changes In Voltaire's Candide

    after leaving Cunegonde and the Old Woman and traveling to meet the Jesuits of Paraguay. Martin was another character that was not promoted in the play as much as in the text. Martin was a significant character who represented a pessimistic attitude similar to the Old Woman’s belief in the text. The Old Woman in the play seemed more focused on using her beauty to gain jewels and her promotions of jealousy when Cunegonde beauty promotes over hers when men do not notice her as much as they do…

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  • Satirical Irony In Voltaire's Candide

    brought up in a fine castle and was driven out of it just like Adam. Another garden that Voltaire relates to is the paradise of Eldorado. “Here now, said Candide, is a country that’s better than Westphalia,” (33). Voltaire describes the utopian society where the pebbles on the ground are rubies and the dirt is gold, which is what greedy Europeans would kill for. “Please excuse our laughing when you offered us in payment a couple of pebbles from the roadside,” (35). Ethnocentric Candide and…

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  • Voltaire's Use Of Optimism In Candide

    One of the topics reoccurring in the story is the association of greed. In Candide’s adventure, he stumbles upon the lost of city of El Dorado, where the city is made entirely out of gold and the people live in utopian society. Sadden that this perfect society lacked his love; he leaves the city to continue his search for Cunegonde and is given rarities from the island to aid him. These rarities consist of gold, diamond, etc. which lead to problems. He was robbed in multiple occasions and he was…

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  • Hypocrisy Of Religion In Candide

    acting contrary to evil. Voltaire was strongly concerned with the problem of evil and greed within our world; he explores this through the theme of the corrupting power of money. On Candide’s adventure he comes across a village (El Dorado) which he believes is “possibly [the] part of the globe where everything is right…” (Voltaire 69). This village is taken care of by their government, there is no crime, no religious persecution, and everyone is equal. Despite this, Candide wants to leave…

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  • Theme Of Evil In Candide

    aspect of the malicious projection of human mind directed towards the female nature through the heroine’s and the Old Women’s stories of sexual assault. When Candide takes another step towards revelation with the help of the woman’s pragmatism the author decides to slow the development of the story by introducing the magical land of El Dorado. Similar to the castle is Westphalia, this country is ruled by calmness and subjected to isolation. Greed, hypocrisy, fanaticism are unknown to its…

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  • Candide Compare And Contrast Pangloss And Martin

    In Voltaire's Candide, two opposite characters are introduced to readers, Pangloss and Martin, the first demonstrating an optimistic perception on life, however the second represents a pessimistic perception on it. Both of these characters represents a diverse point of view of thought, applies his own ideas and beliefs to the world, and tries to persuade Candide of his own angle that he sees life from. This essay will compare and contrast both of the perceptions and how Candide reacts to both of…

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  • Morality And Morality In Candide

    As an ironic story that focuses on many problems dealing with philosophy and theology, Voltaire’s “Candide” stands to clarify and possibly teach a lesson to the people that would hold too much faith in these philosophies. Many catastrophic events happen to the lead character, Candide, as well as just about every other character in the story, in order to focus on the problems that lie in detaching yourself from responsibility of their own actions leaving it to God, to fate, or to nature when the…

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  • Compare And Contrast Candide And Cross

    use these objects to fuel his daydreams of Martha. Cross spent each day fantasizing about Martha and hoping that when he returned home from war that she would return his love.While Candide had no physical representations of his love for Cunegund, he held on to his memories their time together before he was kicked out of her estate and the short periods of time that they were reunited during their journeys, and the hopes of having a long and happy future with her. Candide spent years in search of…

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