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  • El Salvador Research Paper

    Before Romero In many ways, El Salvador was no different than many of its South American neighbors during the 1970 's and 1980 's. The oppressive government that existed in El Salvador had much in common with the violent regimes running Argentina, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, and others. Death squads, supported if not organized by the ruling governments, murdered with no fear of reprisal those they saw as enemies of the status quo. However, it was the global setting, not simply a continental…

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  • Chicago Monologue In El Salvador

    In “El Asco” Moya tells the story of his life in El Salvador through the protagonist Vega. Throughout the book Moya uses the character of Vega to unleash his monologue. Moya uses the character of Vega to retell his cold and cruel words about El Salvador. As the book goes on the monologue becomes more intense to the point where El Salvador sounds like a truly awful place. However, Moya wrote the book to expose the harsh and complex reality of El Salvador while expressing his distaste for…

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  • Violence In El Salvador

    El Salvador has been overran with unequal rights and violence caused by the Civil War. The 1 United States became involved in this conflict through the struggle for human rights, democracy, and equality. During the Civil War, the U.S. sent more than $4.5 billion in aid to the Salvadoran government, and trained many Salvadoran soldiers on U.S. ground. In 1977, the U.S. voiced concerns about the frequent human right violations. The Salvadoran government renounced all aid from the U.S. El Salvador…

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  • Transnational Crime Research Paper

    More so, the Reagan administration’s failed socio-political moves “throughout Central America led to the growing Mara Gangs in nations beyond El Salvador and Guatemala and extended to Nicaragua via the U.S.-Contra debacle” (222). Now, MS-13 is rampant across various nations and causing destruction in the United States, specifically a mass murder on Monday [4/17] on Long Island, where the bodies…

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  • Clara Barton And Karl Marx

    Karl Marx is well known for being one of the most influential socialist thinkers of our time. Born on May 5, 1818 in Prussia (modern day Trier, Germany), Marx grew up in a well off family with 8 siblings. His parents Heinrich and Henrietta Marx each had long lines of rabbinical Jewish ancestry. However, after an anti-Semitic law that banned Jews from higher society, the Marx’s involuntarily converted to Christianity – even though Karl Marx himself became an atheist later in life. Marx is…

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  • El Mozote Persuasive Analysis

    disagreements among the soldiers as to what to do with the children in the schoolhouse. Finally, they strafed the schoolhouse with bullets from their American automatic weapons and burned the schoolhouse and everything inside of it. So ended the massacre at El Mozote, everything dead and decimated, with corpses strewn about the town. They were some survivors. Rufina Amaya recounted a unbelievable story about how she was able to escape from the soldiers, in a crab tree (Donner 73). She…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The President Of El Salvador

    Maximiliano Hernandez Martinez was established as president of El Salvador in 1931 after a coup overthrew the governing president, Arturo Araujo. Martinez was then chosen by army officials to preside due to his determined character and military experience; as a result, he ruled from 1931-1944. However, El Salvador’s constitution only allows a 5-year term and a same ruler cannot govern two consecutive periods. In order to extend his presidency, he passed a bill and changed the constitution to…

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  • The Achievements Of Hatshepsut, A Pharaoh Of Egypt

    famous temple, the Temple of Deir el-Bahri. Knowing how people felt about queens ruling as kings she took that chance and brought her people far. Gender non-conformity, Hatshepsut crossed many boundaries such as: switching from Queen to Pharaoh and, as well as changing her looks to fit her role as Pharaoh. Hatshepsut herself has many achievements one of such as ruling with no man and being an…

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  • Statue Of Hatshepsut Analysis

    Since the first revelation of a piece that was considered as an “artwork”, many styles have been developed throughout the centuries. Artworks have been engendered by different artists in sundry styles, time periods and places. When artists or theorists invents an incipient set of conceptions of an unknown style, it can now be utilized by anyone, sundry times. Once an artist engendered an artwork utilizing a concrete style, another artist can re-visit it as the reference to engender a different…

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  • Personal Narrative: I Owe My Father

    Points and moved us out of the barrio in south El Paso. Since we were still very poor, he could not afford the monthly payment on the mortgage, and so he moved us into the basement, while he rented the house to an Anglo family from Ft. Bliss, a military base. Next, he and his friends from the warehouse built an apartment in back of the house, and we moved there for a couple of years. Meanwhile, my brothers and sisters attended the better schools in El Paso. Years later, we moved into the house…

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