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  • My Mother

    She left me crying, I wanted to go back to El Salvador were mommy and daddy were, I missed them so much. A few months passed, my relationship with my mother was getting worst and I didn’t know how to make it better. As our relationship was getting worst every day, I thought that maybe she didn’t…

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  • My Early Childhood Analysis

    Autobiography My mother is Maria Emerita Menjivar, daughter of Pascual Lopez and Andrea Orellana. Emerita was born in small town in Chalatenango, El Salvador and moved to Nueva Concepcion, Chalatenango. At the age of 30 years she gave birth to me. I was born in July 24, 1998, in Nueva Concepcion. My older sister’s name is Tatiana Menjivar and she was born in San Salvador, El Salvador. In my early childhood I moved residence three times before I was four. My grandparents, which I consider my…

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  • What I Learned In My ESL Classroom

    Moving from a country to another is already hard enough. Having to adapt and even learn a new language makes it twice as difficult. This is something that a lot of people in the United States have to deal with, myself included. I moved from El Salvador when I was nine years old. I had to get accustomed to practically a new way of living. I had to get used to a new culture and a new way of communicating. I started fourth grade here and I was put in an ESL class. My first year in school wasn’t as…

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  • Homelessness In Rio De Janeiro

    service; it’s equipped with just about everything that civilians need to live a decent life. Suddenly, you come across areas that lack these essential elements for daily survival. Some cities, however, are working to change this. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and El Paso, Texas are implementing programs that make a case for allocating funds towards the wellness of those suffering rather than the added entertainment of those who are much better off. These organizations promote their community…

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  • Promoiselles D Avignon: A Visual Analysis

    From the era of invention to the Jazz age, there has been a plentiful amount of beautiful and meaningful pieces of art produced. "The Prodigal Son" by Aaron Douglas, and "Les Demoiselles d 'Avignon" by Pablo Picasso are two examples of art from these time periods. By reading into these paintings it 's possible to grasp the artist 's feelings and thoughts along with an understanding of life, and how the social climates were during their time periods. Even though they 're separated by two…

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  • Violence In El Salvador Essay

    El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America and also one of the most dangerous countries. During the civil war in the 1980s a lot of salvadorans migrated to the USA and other countries, But most people immigrated to USA. But how this has connection to gangs problems? Salvadorans had lack of education and they were not legal residents in the USA, so they choose the easy life involving themselves in gangs as self-protection. Salvadorans began to commit crimes and the USA did not accept…

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  • Wharton MBA Scholarship Essay

    look up to, and Wharton represents an invaluable opportunity in which I would be able to prepare myself adequately, in order to accomplish all that I have ever dreamed of. It would not only allow me to become an exemplary businessperson with the ethics El Salvador so desperately needs, but to later pursue a career in politics and help those, that one day I realized, are really struggling. I am willing to not only become the person “people look up to” but I will work restlessly until becoming a…

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  • Campus Is Attacked, The Others Adapt By Motoko Rick: Article Analysis

    for dormitory and classroom doors” (1), it’s a way to keep a gunman away from hurting students. Locking the doors will keep the gunman lock and not being able to move around the campus. I have being on a situation where I was locked at home. Back in El Salvador my mom used to go for grocery and leave me and my siblings at home. We were not able to open the windows or answering the phone while we were alone. My older sister was about 15 years old, one day we heard gun shooting right in front of…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Mexican American Identity Crisis

    Growing up, I lived on mainstream television and movies. This and the paradoxical nature of El Paso Mexican culture greatly distorted my perception of being a Mexican. The media’s hypersexualized representation of a Latina did not appeal to me. I grew up too American to believe that I am like the Latinas on T.V. And I was reminded constantly…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Life In El Salvador

    in our native country. Even though we were not in a low social status in El Salvador and we always have something descent to eat, we did not go to a lot of places than home, school, and the grocery store; however, we went once a month to the only mall in our city thirty minutes from home to distract our minds from our everyday routines. Nevertheless, I miss my father, my big brother, my friends, and the way of living in El Salvador. After gaining experience in life and working since I was…

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