The Consequences Of Gun Violence

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Gun violence has increasingly become a major problem in the United States and around the world. From young children to adults, gun violence has caused many debates over how to reduce this brutal violence. Everyday throughout the world, many lives are affected by the gun violence and the hatred caused by it. There has been laws establish to reduce to try to violence and enforce regulations to possess firearms. These laws has been impacting on the reduce of gun violence. Every country has its own laws and regulations , but there needs to be another solution besides laws to reduce the violence. From young children to adults should be educated worldwide on the consequences of gun violence and when it's appropriate to use a gun.

Around the world,
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Laws have been enforced to reduce the incidence, but the second step to solve this problem is education. Education is a step that should be taken to teach people the consequences of gun violence and ways to reduce this violence. In developed countries, educating people on gun violence has been done but not to a point that has an effect. Parades and marches for gun control has helped, but it's not teaching the rest of the non-participant anything. In less developed countries like El Salvador, the fight to stop the gun violence due to one problem of "In El Salvador and Honduras, there are a lot of gangs and drug trafficking, especially among younger men, and that has resulted in a big increase in gun violence." It’s getting to a point where the law enforcement is scared to engage and the citizens are afraid to intervene. Developed countries such as the United states and less-developed countries like El Salvador have to educate their citizens to reduce this gun violence. By just teaching a group of people can go on by them teaching another group. We have to establish a culture of gun safety and a culture where violence isn't the answer. Teach the adults around the world wide about the effects of violence on them and the next generation. Recap on the laws and license needed in their country to obtain a gun. For children, we have to start by reducing their exposure to the violence on television and at …show more content…
Gun violence is not only the killings done by police officers or high-profile massacres like the one in Orlando at the nightclub. Gun violence is also the daily bombings and gunshots in countries like Iraq or Libya. The main way to conquer this violence is to educate the world. As Bob Barr stated, “It's not a gun control problem; it's a cultural control problem.” Establish a culture of gun violence or violence is not the answer. Every nation come together as a big community to promote this solution. If one nation leads, the rest will follow. We want to reduce the violence and promote peace by educating and establish that mindset into people's

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