The Colonel Poem Meaning

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It 's not hard to understand the plot of this poem or the language, though it can be hard to stomach the truths that it waves in your face. The image of the ears can be disturbing, but we get the full force of the message. The Americans have entered the house of a colonel in El Salvador during the civil war in the late 1970s. The Colonel captures the brutality of the people in El Salvador at the hands of the high ranking military man and uncovers the hidden inhuman treatment of the people in these societies.


Some writers would sensationalize their experience in such a man 's home, but this poem describes the experience with the recollection of the mundane details. She does describe her surroundings as the home of a monster, but human qualities throughout the poem, making the family of the Colonel seem human. The home they live in is a normal one and their lives are ordinary. The Colonel 's wife brings and serves coffee while the daughter files her nails. The purpose in revealing the Colonel 's humanity is to show that it is everyday humans that commit such crimes against their fellow man.

I think that it 's interesting that the colonel doesn 't get a name, but the gets the title of the poem. He is always called the colonel and
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People of all gender and more than twelve hundred children under the age of eleven have all gone missing without a trace. They have created a central database that has each missing person listed by name, age and gender. It also has the date and the location of where the person disappeared from with details of the kidnappings, such as a man who was forcefully taken by gunmen that went to his workplace and took him away. Another case details the disappearance of three businessmen by the gunmen of the Knights Templar drug cartel traveling in two pickup

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