Elections in the United States

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  • The Electoral Process In The United States Election Process

    The United States election process is one of great importance and significance to the American government. Yet voting can be one of most confusing topics to its citizens. How does an election work? How does your vote make a difference in our county? What is the Electoral College and what is its purpose? These questions have been asked and thought of by many Americans for generations. As with everything in government, the process is much more complex than it seems. On the surface, electing a president might seem like a simple task: Everyone votes for whoever they wish, and the candidate that receives the most votes wins the election. This, however, is not at all close to how it actually works. In fact, our system is not a purely democratic one like you might…

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  • Elections In The United States

    “National politics and elections are dominated by emotions, by lack of self-confidence, by fear of the other, by insecurity, by infection of the body politic by the virus of victimhood.” Every 4 years the nation decides on the Presidency whom represents our country for 1 term. Normally if there is a change in whom controls the congress and the presidency is directly in association to the previous 4 years. The impact that elections have on the US is huge. After the past election, some of the…

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  • Presidential Elections In The United States During 1928-1948

    During the period 1928-1948, the United States experienced the Roaring 20 's, the Great Depression, the New Deal, World War II, and the beginning of the Cold War. Each of these phases presented Presidential candidates with opportunities to share their positions on the issues. There was a major shift in political party loyalties different from the traditional Republican and big business in the North versus Democrats in the South. There were six Presidential elections from 1928-1948; however, only…

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  • Presidential Election Vs Midterm Elections

    past century all but a handful of midterm elections have seen the incumbent party losing a significant number of seats to the opposing party. Even though the presidential party won the presidential elections simply two years prior, the opposing party drastically wins seats from the president’s party typically offsetting the majorities within the House of Representatives and also the Senate that the president may have had originally when they entered office. Throughout the midterm elections…

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  • Rebecca Traister's Big Girls Don T Cry

    People play strong roles in history. In the last ten years, American citizens has witnessed so many things in history, from Hurricane Katrina, to numerous terrorist attacks, police brutality, and the election of the first black president of the united states. With that being said, the book “Big Girls Don’t Cry” focuses on the presidential election of 2008 and the roles that numerous women played in it. These women were left with the dilemmas of following tradition in all they did. The women in…

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  • Big Money In Elections

    so large they are practically impossible to comprehend. Parents talk to their children about their childhood when movie tickets were only one dollar instead of eight. Some of the biggest culprits of this “big money” society, are the politicians who run the country. As they begin the cycle of elections, whether it’s a congressional or presidential election, they gear up for costs in the millions and billions of dollars. The money that candidates are able to spend come from many different places,…

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  • My Definition Of A President

    a woman to become the leader and lead our country like no other? Among other questions, this is one that was asked when making the decision of who to vote for in my very first Presidential election. A President is defined as “the highest executive officer of a modern republic, as the Chief Executive of the United States.” My definition of a President is someone who will lead the country to the best of their ability without regard to race, religion, or sex and will do what is in the best…

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  • What Is The Importance Of The 2016 Election

    I remember talking with friends in my early teen years about what it would be like to vote. We did some math, and deduced that we’d all be 18 by the time the 2016 Presidential election. However, what we didn’t anticipate, was how dominating the election would be over our lives-- we simply thought, come voting day, that we’d walk in and easily choose the candidate of our choice. There was no anticipation of the fact that we’d also be freshly enrolled in college, an environment so tuned in to…

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  • Presidential Nominations

    nomination process, which can then be used to understand the 2016 cycle. His argument states that the crucial period of a campaign is during the invisible primary, which is the year or so preceding the delegate selection process. If party stakeholders are cohesive, (as in the Democratic Party,) the race will be predictable; if they are not, (as in the Republican Party,) the outcome is more of a tossup. The outcome and its predictability also have to do with the size of the candidate pool; more…

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  • Donald Trump Persuasive Essay 2016

    All of America is outraged at the win of Donald J. Trump on election night 2016. How could a rich, insensitive, bigoted, racist business man become the next President of the United States? Over half of the US population will be moving to Canada in the next several months in response—or will they? In a world that is becoming increasingly reliant on technology and easily accessible information, the media have insidiously crept into a position of influence over the thoughts and emotions of today’s…

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