The Pros And Cons Of A President

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In a world where man has always been the leader, is it possible for a woman to become the leader and lead our country like no other? Among other questions, this is one that was asked when making the decision of who to vote for in my very first Presidential election. A President is defined as “the highest executive officer of a modern republic, as the Chief Executive of the United States.” My definition of a President is someone who will lead the country to the best of their ability without regard to race, religion, or sex and will do what is in the best interest of everyone and not just a select few. A good president is someone that defends us, have a quick reaction when problems arise, build their own platform and if someone has questions …show more content…
Since the Brady Act, there have been 2.4 million sales that were blocked. Shooting someone is a senseless and selfish crime that is committed and anyone that does not see where we need stricter gun laws are the ones that possibly voted against Clinton in the election. Hillary also wanted to hold the sellers accountable if they do not follow the law when selling guns, which is an excellent idea because if someone a sells a gun illegally and knowingly, they are just as liable as the one who pulled the trigger. It has even been overheard by hunters in the community who said they did not want Clinton to win the election due to fear of rules changing for hunters. However, the question to them is how many people have been innocently shot in the woods while hunting? Once there was a hunter who was shot multiple times in his legs while hunting because the other hunter thought that he was a deer, which exemplifies carelessness. In America, the number of lives that were lost in a single year due to gun violence was three times higher than that of the following country listed. “Gun violence causes more deaths of black men aged 15-25 than nine other leading causes combined.” (33,636 Reasons We Need to Act on Gun Violence). With seeing the statistics written out, supporting just anyone to carry a weapon should definitely be prohibited. It does not appear that Clinton always wanted to prevent gun violence and in 2008 she criticized Barack Obama for his views on people who “cling to guns,” but thankfully those views changed. Regardless of who our President may be, the hope is that better decisions are made when purchasing and using

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