Presidential Election Vs Midterm Elections

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For the past century all but a handful of midterm elections have seen the incumbent party losing a significant number of seats to the opposing party. Even though the presidential party won the presidential elections simply two years prior, the opposing party drastically wins seats from the president’s party typically offsetting the majorities within the House of Representatives and also the Senate that the president may have had originally when they entered office. Throughout the midterm elections every state votes on its members of the House of Representatives and one-third of the senatorial seats opens for reelection across the United States. Therefore, even though the president’s party won the presidential election, the midterm election …show more content…
The president’s party’s consistent voters within the presidential elections might not come out to vote as passionately as they might had they not won the presidential election. Therefore, fewer voters who support the president’s party, voting within the midterm elections might cause the opposing party to achieve a majority and win seats from the president’s party. Differences amongst support for the presidential election and also the midterm election may be seen through the varying levels of fundraising and donors that are contributed to both parties in relation to the current electoral campaign. If the president’s party saw a decrease in average fundraising and donations throughout the midterm elections whilst the opposing party received equal or greater support throughout the midterm elections as they had during the presidential elections, then the conclusion that general economic and voter support of the presidential party is decreased during a midterm election can be drawn. However, should the presidential and also the opposing parties not see a huge fluctuation in financial donations or alternative forms of support, then support of the political parties in association to which election is occurring is not the reason behind midterm vote loss. Also, if one of the parties consistently maintains its donors and fundraising, even if the opposite fluctuates, it might prove a standard in that party with regard to motivation despite what the party presently in office is when the midterm elections occur. Motivation to regain political power lost during the presidential election may drive the opposing party to aggressively campaign for the midterm election, whilst the

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