Rebecca Traister's Big Girls Don T Cry

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People play strong roles in history. In the last ten years, American citizens has witnessed so many things in history, from Hurricane Katrina, to numerous terrorist attacks, police brutality, and the election of the first black president of the united states. With that being said, the book “Big Girls Don’t Cry” focuses on the presidential election of 2008 and the roles that numerous women played in it. These women were left with the dilemmas of following tradition in all they did. The women in media were very vital for the coverage of this election . Black women were left with whether they would put their gender aside for their race or vice versa. Rebecca Traister’s book “Black Girls Don’t Cry” acknowledges womens’ struggles in politics, recognizes the women’s roles in the media, and the identiy battle that black women faced. half page
Traister wrote this book in an attempt to tell a story of change that took place in the major political parties, to the women’s movement and the white house. She considers the sponataneuous few years as a time period
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Assuming she did not do enough research using accounts of black women or referencing the struggles of black women. For example, she was quick to mention Michelle Obama’s role as a mentor in the law firm she met President Obama. Traister failed to mention the struggles of black women ansd the struggle they face of carrying the black race butmany times forced to be on the backburner. She mentioned many first ladies and their accomplishments but failed to reference Michelle as a black first lady. she references her as a strong realist and someone who is not doing stuff to be political about all other actions during the campaign. She looked at Hillary as beyond a political figure and it was more interesting that what made her more interesting in this piece. Hillary was looked at asa figure of great skill with little

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