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  • Evicted Book Reflection

    Evicted, a New York Times Bestseller book written by Matthew Desmond, captured many faces of a culturally diverse population. Many parallel stories were narrated, yet each was unique and contained tremendous consequences as well as the depth of its kind. The beauty in Desmond’s writing was signified by his audacious remark, with words and sentences that provoked one’s deepest feelings. These allowed the author to develop a stronger connection with the readers as they progressed and psychologically experienced the multistage of sensations: from being awfully rejected to being openly loved, or from being wrongfully evicted to being warmly welcomed into a house. Multiple characters with distinct and rich background stories created a colorful book that targeted the pressing issues facing many Americans: homelessness. By examining each story, a greater breadth and depth of the problem could reshape the way people look at poverty and better understanding the racial issues underlie these circumstances. Sherrena and Quentin, two of the main landlords in this book, were introduced as a good-natured couple who shone the light upon many poor families in Milwaukee. Acknowledging the “ghetto’s value” and investing money on these properties, the couple knew they were placing themselves in a troublesome life. However, little did they know that these undesired circumstances had tremendous effect on their relation development with the tenants. Sherrena accepted partial rent and security…

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  • Ryland's V Fletcher Case Study

    accessible to the object of tort are damages for arrangement for the damage individual endured where suitable a directive to avert future mischief, and it has a few conceivable cures accessible under tort law. - Restitutionary Remedies, this intends to restore the petitioner position of culmination as class conceivable to their state before the tort happened which incorporate, A. Restitutionary harm these are identified with harms, yet they are arranged in view of the tort change instead of the…

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  • Case Study: Marzeine V. Lafayette Hotel Company And Lastness

    to sue for legal remedy. This person is entitled to bring about an action even if he has suffered no actual harm and may recover damages without having to provide a proof that the damage has occurred because where there is a right there is a remedy Legal remedy or damages Ubi jus ibi remedium is a legal maxim which means where there is a right there is a remedy. This concept covers injuria sine damno. There are different remedies given to the plaintiff depending on the nature of the…

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