Evicted Book Reflection

Evicted, a New York Times Bestseller book written by Matthew Desmond, captured many faces of a culturally diverse population. Many parallel stories were narrated, yet each was unique and contained tremendous consequences as well as the depth of its kind. The beauty in Desmond’s writing was signified by his audacious remark, with words and sentences that provoked one’s deepest feelings. These allowed the author to develop a stronger connection with the readers as they progressed and psychologically experienced the multistage of sensations: from being awfully rejected to being openly loved, or from being wrongfully evicted to being warmly welcomed into a house. Multiple characters with distinct and rich background stories created a colorful book …show more content…
And when life became a fight against death and feelings were disdained, the impulse to change erupted. Kamala’s story in Ashes on Snow was unquestionably the most painful evidence for such eruption. Kamala asked her father to stay with her babies so she could join Lamar’s card game, but one of them knocked over a lamp and started the fire. The fire killed Kamala’s youngest daughter who was only eight months old. She screamed, amid fire, “My baby! My baby!” Losing one is hard enough, and yet this was her second one. The pain was more painful than a thousand knives stabbed in her heart. Grace Potter and The Nocturnals’s Stars could only describe so much about the lost, “I followed your ashes into outer space. I can’t look out the window, I can’t look at this place.” Tears ran down her cheek and froze on the cold concrete. Living in the world where a constant fear of eviction took over her mind, Kamala found the peace in her children. Without them, the sky turned dark and life became meaningless. If only Grace’s voice could emanate through time and space to sympathize with Kamala, she would have not been so lonely and traumatized. To further distress the incidence, Sherrena found positive things from what has happened was that she got “a huge chuck of money and getting rid of

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