Analysis Of Cheryl Strayed's Essay 'The Love Of My Life'

The word “character” derives from the Greek word , “kharakter” meaning engraved mark, also known as a symbol or imprint on the soul. In Cheryl Strayed essay “The Love of My Life” Strayed is a vacillating grieving daughter who begins to lose herself within all the grief. Moreover, Strayed uses three prime ways to exhibit her character prominently to the reader. Her choice of relationships, emotions, and usage of diction cogently depicts her character throughout the essay. Strayed effectively portrays the unconventional damaging effects of grief and depression by counter-arguing societal coping mechanisms with her own, as well as rebelling against them.
Strayed choice of relationships play an abundant role in her characterization. Her relationship with her mother and the loss of her mother is what sets the essay and concludes the subject. However, her usage of other relationships and the creation of half relationships with nameless strangers is what builds her character. Strayed utilized
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With this usage of insight in thoughts and descriptive words the characterization of Cheryl Strayed furtherly builds. As the essay continues Strayed diction starts to lighten from absolute desolation to a sense of acceptance with her current state. She concludes the essay with, “ Healing is a small and ordinary and very burnt thing. And it’s one thing and one thing only: its doing what you have to do.” This is where self revolution comes into place, her character begins to change from the one we began with and she begins to accept that she must heal and that there is nothing she can do to change the loss of her mother but bear the truth. Strayed further on develops that grieving has no correct way, one grieves in different ways. This surprisingly self aware statements ties in a final possession to Strayed’s

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