Literary Analysis Of Chasing Fairy Tales By Lauren Fulmore

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It takes a moment in your life to have a self realization that will impact you for the rest of your life. In the text, “ Chasing Fairy Tales” by Lauren Fulmore she portrays the narrator as a little girl who goes through a moment in her childhood that changed her whole outlook on life. She recounts a series of adventures from her younger days to the accidental discovery of a “magical” truth. The author uses detailed examples to explain her main idea of the story.
In the story the little girl explains how both of her parents are hardworking adults who rarely are home so her older sister babysits her. She had a very big imagination and based her childhood life as a fairytale. As for her, her real family was out there somewhere and that she
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A lot of people tend to take life and what it comes with for granted. The seven year old girl was searching for more than she can bear herself and didn’t even notice that, at her age, all she needed was somebody who nurtured her and cared for her. The author was also able to use a literary element that made me enticed into the text even more which was imagery. Throughout the passage, she went in depth of how she traveled in search of finding her “real” family. For example on page 83 (line 5) it states “ Sweat trickled down my spine as I stopped for a break on a fallen tree…” You can actually imagine the deprivation and tiredness she has from all that …show more content…
Before I would hate wearing the whole uniform and not being able to be in my close friend high school with her. Honestly, if it wasn’t for this school I wouldn’t have been the high achiever that I am today. My grades wouldn’t be so high and I wouldn’t have the guaranteed help that I got from all my teachers. Counselors and principals. I always say to myself, everything happens for a reason and maybe this was my time to explore a different environment and actually analyze life different. I opened up different clubs, got into honor roll and had and stayed out of trouble. It made me realize that anything is possible once you are determined to change it

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