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  • Smoking Mothers: A Research

    Introduction: The purpose of this study is to see if there is a link between the birth weight and gestation of newborn babies with smoking mothers and non- smoking mothers. The significance of this investigation is to find a relationship between the two as it might help with health benefits. The features in the investigation are the relationship between the two sets of data between the birth weight and the gestation period of smoking mothers and non-smoking mothers. Part A: The median for the…

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  • Hypothetical Portfolio: Growth Dividend Discount Model

    chosen are paying dividends quarterly, and make up to 6.557% of S&P 500 as of today. From 2011 until today we see that our portfolio has had, return-wise, a similar performance to the S&P 500 with around 11% annual returns. Also, the correlation coefficient of 0.85 tells us that our portfolio is highly correlated to the S&P 500 index. Both returns and correlation can be explained by our stock picks. WFM, AAPL, XOM, C, and JWN have significant weights in the S&P 500 index. Interestingly, our…

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  • I Should Do Aerobic Exercise Essay

    Method Participants We collected data from a sample of undergraduate students at the University of Colorado at Boulder. The students were all in an upper division course titled Research Methods in Psychology. The participants were between the ages of 18 to 32, with a mean age of 20.99 years and a standard deviation of 1.82 years. Out of the 208 students that we collected data from, 80 were male and 128 were female. In terms of class year, one was a freshman, four were sophomores, 98 were…

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  • Itp Research Paper

    Final Paper: Measuring Change in HRQoL of ITP Patients in Japan treated by Eltrombopag Introduction Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) is an autoimmune disorder, which is characterized by a low platelet count caused by both increased platelet destruction and insufficient platelet production [1]. In Japan, there are 20,000 patients with ITP and the incidence of ITP is estimated at 3,000 per year [2]. Major signs and symptoms include red spots and/or bruising on the skin, prolonged bleeding…

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  • Motivation And Agression Analysis

    Players Variable N M SD df r Achievement Motivation 100 26.28 5.72 98 -0.09 Vs. Aggression 11.15 2.58 rtab (98) = 0.19 It is apparent from the table 1 that obtained value of correlation coefficient (-0.09) is less than the tabulated value of correlation coefficient (0.19). It means there is no significant relationship found between achievement motivation and aggression [rtab (98) = 0.19, p > .05]. of inter-collegiate level hockey players. Table 2: Relationship…

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  • Communication Appraisal Essay

    It was hypothesized that Communication Apprehension would correlate negatively with Affective Learning. The correlation coefficient r = -.082 (p = .293) indicates that the test scores are not significantly correlated. Although not significantly correlated, the hypothesis was partially supported as it correctly predicted the negative relationship between the two variables. The…

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  • Reliability Statistics: Cronbach's Alpha N Of Items?

    four independent variables the brand credibility will be affected by around 43% and remaining 57% missing impact belongs to the constructs that are still to be included and tested in the model. H6: Coefficientsa Model Unstandardized Coefficients Standardized Coefficients t Sig. B Std. Error Beta 1 (Constant) 1.218 .158 7.716 .000 Popularity .100 .030 .151 3.313 .001 Attractiveness -.029 .038 -.035 -.766 .444 Expertise .512 .046 .535 11.098 .000 Trustworthiness .114 .040 .125 2.832 .005…

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  • Regression Analysis In Public Education

    There is little doubt public education in the United States is under intense scrutiny from the American public in recent years. In Mississippi, years of negative student outcomes have created a great deal of negative publicity for the state’s public schools. It is important for educators, whether at the district level, research level, or policymaking level, to continue to study available data to identify areas of weakness with the realm of education and work collaboratively to remedy those…

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  • ADHD Evaluation Essay

    Application to your profession (30 points): • Based on your evaluation of the results, do you agree with the conclusions made by the author(s) in the discussion section? Explain your rationale. I believe the authors made an evaluation appropriate to the results of the study. The authors based the implication for school psychologist only on the correlations that were significant, and suggested improvements on practices of school psychologist based on results that were not significant. For…

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  • The Relationship Between Global Competence And Learning Motivation?

    Article: Semaan, Gaby, and Kasumi Yamazaki. 2015. “The Relationship Between Global Competence and Learning Motivation: An Empirical Study in Critical Language Classrooms”, Foreign Language Annals, vol. 48, Iss. 3, pp. 511-520. Summary: This article studies how the global influences of different countries are related to the learning of these countries’ language, in the classrooms of the United States. The researchers believed that there was relationship between global competence and language…

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