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  • Thomas Hilgers Influence On Human Development

    Hilgers backed up his view of “human beings with potential” with similarities of humans and scientific ideas. His major focus was using the technology of 2D and 3D ultrasound to trace the development of the babies through gestation. His mainly pointed out the similarities between the fetus and more mature humans, as if disputing the argument that a human is not inside the woman’s womb. At twenty-five days, the heartbeat can be seen and at seven weeks, the body parts are homologous to fully developed humans—arms, legs, hands, feet, and a head with eyes. At this age, Dr. Hilgers refers to the baby as fully alive and totally human. And then by 15 weeks, the baby has distinguishable facial features. He also includes similarities between all humans: Dr. Hilgers also states that life in the womb is a shared experience of all the humans that ever existed (except Adam and Eve, but he didn’t address that). We all have the common ground of beginning life in the womb…

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  • An Elephant Crack Up Analysis

    Relating, Understanding, and Creating Solutions - For the Human-Elephant Crisis Humans are pattern-seeking and idea-relating beings. They use patterns to identify with others, then relate the ideas of others with their own in order to make sense of situations. To relate to something, is to find a pattern of similarity between two things and to use it to understand something about the other. Humans best understand what they can personally relate to, and if they do not relate to something, they…

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  • When Does Life Start

    Life, it 's a beautiful thing the Lord has granted us with, but there are confusions about when exactly life begins. Is it when we are born? Is it at some point during our creation inside our mother? Or is it at the exact point of fertilization when the sperm meets the egg? These are questions that all humans struggle with. The question of when life begins also, in turn, begs the question of abortion. When a woman terminates a pregnancy, is she getting rid of just a mass of unwanted cells or is…

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  • Issues And Causes Of Female Feticide In India

    This project has been Submitted by Prakash Kumar Id. no. - 214089 Monsoon semester Topic Female Feticide in India: Issues & concerns Abstract We are facing the major problem which is harmful for human species. It is Female Feticide. After the globalization, the practice of the killing of female fetus could be found in almost all the parts of the Country. There are many reasons behind such gruesome practice. We are facing gender inequality; killing of girl child in a large scale is the main…

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  • Smoking Mothers: A Research

    Introduction: The purpose of this study is to see if there is a link between the birth weight and gestation of newborn babies with smoking mothers and non- smoking mothers. The significance of this investigation is to find a relationship between the two as it might help with health benefits. The features in the investigation are the relationship between the two sets of data between the birth weight and the gestation period of smoking mothers and non-smoking mothers. Part A: The median for the…

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  • Obstetrical Theory

    The article presents a comparative approach that looks at challenges of the obstetrical dilemma and findings that support the energetics of gestation and growth hypothesis. At the beginning, the article systematically goes through each supporting piece of evidence for the obstetrical dilemma and provides findings that suggest the evidence is not valid. Ideas that are evaluated are that human gestation is shorter than needed, human fetuses receive less maternal investment than expected during…

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  • Are Demographic Characteristics Of Young Women's Ambivalent Perception?

    of two women was under 14 weeks, four women were between 14 and 28 weeks of gestation, nine women were higher than 28 weeks of gestation and five women were in the postnatal period (maximum of one week after delivery). The mean score of participants' spouse age was 25 years. All spouses were self-employee and the most of them were educated up to 12 years (diploma degree). Ambivalent Perception Ambivalent perception of…

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  • Growth Management In Preterm Infant

    Hematotrophic phase: After third week of gestation, substances are transported passively via intervillous space. (Anju et al., 2011) Growth rate: Growth rate of fetus is linear up to 37 weeks of gestation, after which it plateaus (Anju et al., 2011). A slow growth rate and preterm labor can cause a low birth weight. Low birth weight (below 2000 grams) can increase the likelihood of schizophrenia by almost four times (Subero, 2013). Normative growth data: Normative growth data are…

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  • Dairy Cows Essay

    before, during and after gestation. Whether by natural means or artificial insemination, it is primordial for the farmer to know when and how long the cow has been in estrus to plan the pregnancies and calving’s. There are many different methods of detecting estrus in cows. The first method often seen is adding a product, be it paint and chalk or a capsule filled with a coloured dye, to the tail head of the cow. The paint is put on the cow and covered in chalk of a different colour; when…

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  • Essay On Livestock Cage Laws

    Livestock cage laws I am going to prove that the new livestock cage laws are wrong. Gestation crates and farrowing crate are helpful and should not be banded. I believe that no matter what people think there are many benefits by using these pens. I am planning to give the reasons to keep them, and then give the counter thought and why it is weak. New cage laws would harm livestock because when hogs are pregnant, they attack other hogs, mother can also crash their piglets and chickens are in…

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