Gestational diabetes

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  • Gestational Diabetes Research Paper

    Teaching patients about gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) before and during pregnancies are both very important. It would be great if all patients could be informed about GDM before they become pregnant so they could get a healthy start to their pregnancy and possibly prevent GDM from occurring. It is also important for patients to know how to live a healthy lifestyle before and during pregnancy. The nurse may be the first to provide information to their patients and can play a key role in helping people prevent GDM. The nurse can do this by assessing, screening, and patient teaching early on. What is GDM? GDM is defined as a condition where women who were not previously diabetic will start to show glucose intolerance during pregnancy.…

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  • Gestational Diabetes Essay

    Diabetes is a disease that has a mass amount of sugar in your blood or high blood glucose. Diabetes mellitus is caused by a lack of responsiveness to insulin and have a high blood glucose level. There are two types of Diabetes mellitus. Type one diabetes, destroy the pancreatic cells. Type two diabetes affects the body flow and increase the process of blood sugar. When the beta cells from the pancreas fail to provide, diabetes occurs. The energy comes from the glucose. Eating healthy and right…

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  • Case Study Of Gestational Diabetes

    160lbs with a BMI of 26.7kg/ m2 with gestational diabetes. She was diagnosed wat 24 weeks of gestation. Before conception Damaris weighed 150lb and her BMI was at 25.06kg/ m2 which put her at the overweight status. Her physician had explained the possible risk of going into a pregnancy overweight and the possibility of having gestational diabetes. When she was screened at 24 weeks of conception for gestational diabetes the results of her oral glucose tolerance test was as follow: Fasting: ≥…

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  • Nursing Case Study Gestational Diabetes

    Introduction: Diabetes refers to group of certain metabolic problems caused either by low or no insulin secretion by pancreas or no response by insulin receptors to glucose binding insulin molecules. The disease is also known as diabetes mellitus and has three different types (type 1, type 2, gestational). It is a major problem and significantly affected the health of large population of Australia. Indigenous people tend to experience this problem in earlier age as compared to other Australians…

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  • Gestational Diabetes: A Short Story

    I mean, we had to have dinner right? Having a baby required a lot of energy, or as far as I could imagine it did. I had gone the whole pregnancy without getting to enjoy carbohydrates or sugar. Gestational Diabetes limits the delicious, yet super unhealthy foods that one is allowed to intake. The worst part of gestational diabetes is that cheat meals are impossible when I was required to turn in the results of 3 daily blood sugar checks. For one meal, I convinced myself that I was eating what I…

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  • Summary: The Benefits Of Yoga For Prenatal Depression

    Subjects exercised 3 times per week for 50-60 minute sessions. Two exercises were conducted in a typical gym setting, while one was conducted as an aquatic exercise in a small pool. At the end of the study, the researchers concluded that aerobic exercises and conditioning on land and in water resulted in a decrease in gestational weight gain and preserved glucose tolerance in expecting mothers (Cordero, Mottola, Vargas, Blanco, & Barakat, (2015). With the large prevalence of pregnant women…

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  • The Complications And Management Of Diabetes

    Diabetes is a disease that affects a roughly 1.25 million Americans. The number of American’s with diabetes continues to expand with roughly 1.7 million new Americans being diagnosed each year. Roughly twenty-five percent of the 1.7 million newly diagnosed diabetics every year are people over the age of sixty-five (, 2014). Over the next fifteen years, as the baby boomer generation begins reaching the age of sixty-five and older, the percentage of elderly diagnosed diabetics will…

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  • Transverse Cerebellar Diameter Case Study

    constricted in its median region and flattened, the greatest diameter being transverse. The cerebellum develops from the dorsolateral part of the alar lamina of the metencephalon. In the embryo cerebellum appears at the end of the fifth week as a swelling overriding the fourth ventricle. Since cerebellum lies in the posterior cranial fossa, surrounded by the dense petrous ridges and the occipital bone so it can withstand deformation by extrinsic pressure better than the parietal bones. The…

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  • Diabetic Evaluation Methods

    met, which demonstrates the changes in knowledge, attitude, skills, perception and behavior of the nursing professionals regarding diabetes mellitus, and changes in the health status of diabetic patients in a nursing home (Julia, Jacobs, Jones, Gabella, Spring & Brownson, 2012). All the four types of evaluation methods will be used to achieve the project objectives. Firstly, a formative evaluation will be used before the initiation of the program so that feasibility and appropriateness of…

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  • Diabetic Alert Dog Essay

    Diabetic Alert Dogs and Persons with Diabetes Mellitus It is always being said that dogs are man’s best friend. Not only can dogs be considered adorable and wonderful pets, they also have been proven to be remarkable service animals. According to the United States Service Dog Registry (2013), service dogs are dogs that are independently trained to accommodate for each individual’s specific disability. The most recent discovery of service dogs’ abilities are medical detection dogs. Medical…

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