Gestational Diabetes Essay

Diabetes is a disease that has a mass amount of sugar in your blood or high blood glucose. Diabetes mellitus is caused by a lack of responsiveness to insulin and have a high blood glucose level. There are two types of Diabetes mellitus. Type one diabetes, destroy the pancreatic cells. Type two diabetes affects the body flow and increase the process of blood sugar.
When the beta cells from the pancreas fail to provide, diabetes occurs. The energy comes from the glucose. Eating healthy and right can increase your metabolism and glucose level. Glucose is mainly collecting the food.
Beta cells are located in the pancreas. The beta cell is a step in contact with getting diabetes. The bate cells make and release the insulin. Hormones control the level of sugar or glucose in your body. The beta cells are locate in the islets of Langerhans. The digestive system breaks down the food and moves
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When the mother is not providing insulin, she will have high blood glucose levels. When developing Gestational Diabetes is at risk to develop type Two Diabetes. Gestational Diabetes is not found until later in the pregnancy of twenty four to twenty eight weeks. Insulin has provided in the mother’s placenta to produce more hormones.
If the doctor provides the medication, take to keep the blood sugar normal. Tested for Gestational will start from six to twelve weeks. Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) is a certain amount of glucose intolerance within their self. Then the baby gets tested from one to three years. Gestational will go away soon after the delivery.
Prediabetes Diabetes is a condition where you have high but not to high blood sugar. This will not let your get to Type Two Diabetes. You will have long term damage to your heart and it may have already stared. Change how you eat and what you eat. Also go to the gym, maintain weight, and eat healthy to bring the blood sugar back to

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