Argumentative Essay On Abortion

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Life, it 's a beautiful thing the Lord has granted us with, but there are confusions about when exactly life begins. Is it when we are born? Is it at some point during our creation inside our mother? Or is it at the exact point of fertilization when the sperm meets the egg? These are questions that all humans struggle with. The question of when life begins also, in turn, begs the question of abortion. When a woman terminates a pregnancy, is she getting rid of just a mass of unwanted cells or is she ending a human life? I believe science and the bible support evidence to prove life begins at conception and that at any and every stage of fetal development the child is a person, with a human soul and all.

In the scripture the Lord tells Jeremiah
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Christian groups want to put an end to this research saying the embryos being used are human beings that are being exploited and then dumped as medical waste. Whereas some scientist says the research will help people who are stricken with awful diseases find cures ( Embryos and Enoulment 2005)

We must also ask the question of why some pregnancies come to term and others do not. If anything is physically wrong with the baby the woman 's body will usually terminate the pregnancy itself. This is a tragic thing that we grieve. Even people who are not necessarily Christian believe in a higher power that created life. " That is why it is futile and dangerous nonsense to draw a rigid line between God and science. There can be no such dichotomy. Whatever is the name of our creator, the ability to pursue and deploy knowledge for a living is what makes us her-his-its "special creation".( allafrica.com2010)

In conclusion, I think it is plain to see that human life begins the moment two pairs of 23 chromosomes from each parent meet up and make a new person. In other words at the point conception. It has been said too that human life is a continuous thing that started billions of years ago. However, for most ethical terms people are referring to when life begins at conception (Reproductive Biomedicine Online

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