Social Injustice Of Abortion

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Abi Ocava

CORE 346


Abortion is a very delicate topic to touch on when talking about social justice. When does life begin? Does it begin once you receive that first sonogram photo? Does it begin once you find out the news from the doctor? Let 's begin by defining what an abortion is exactly. The classic definition of abortion is expulsion of the fetus before it 's viable. In order to do so, there are different methods to perform such an act. There 's medicated abortions, where a prescribed abortion pill is taken. The other method is an aspiration abortion. An aspiration abortion is conducted through a quick surgery done by a physician to terminate the pregnancy. Abortions have come a long way via technology and new methods to make it significantly safer now than it has been before. Coming from a time where foreign objects were inserted into the uterus or even striking a pregnant women in the stomach are just a few examples of the dangerous methods that were used during the early stages of abortion.
Through it all, this is not the social injustice that abortion presents. The social injustice is the actual termination of life. While it 's not a scientific argument, it
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The amount it costs to raise a child from birth to the age of 18 is approximately $245,340 (with a projected inflation at $304,480.) Someone who is not financially prepared to raise a child may not be able to properly care for one. Love goes a long way but it won 't pay for diapers, vaccinations, doctor visits, food, clothing and all the other necessities in raising a child. While new policies and government aid are now implemented to help assist those in financial distress, it 's still a very difficult situation to be placed in. To add to that, in an ideal situation a child is coming to a household with both parents. Both parents means a dual income, meaning that there is that much more capital to be used for the care of the

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