Attitudes Towards Homosexuality, Attitude Scales Have Been Devised From Larsen Et Al

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A study was conducted to measure an individual’s attitudes towards homosexuality, attitude scales have been devised from Larsen et al in 1980 to LeMar and Kite’s 1997 attitude scale, to reflect modern day attitudes towards homosexuality a study was conducted using a new scale as the old one is outdated, using this new scale and additional study was conducted into the attitudes of an individual and the participant’s levels of religiosity to test the relationship between the two topics.
Various studies that looked into religious views and the acceptance of homosexuality have stated that religion and other factors influence an individual’s attitude to homosexuality (Decoo, 2014), an experiment was conducted examining young people’s attitudes towards homosexuality and their religion, it was found that young people who identified themselves as Christians or Muslim’s reported high negative attitudes towards homosexuality, it was also found strong Christians and strong Muslims reported a higher negative attitude than medium believing Christians and Muslims, they also found a slight gender differences. (Roggemans, Spruyt, Van Droogenbroeck & Keppens, 2015)
A study conducted using 155 undergraduate students at a Christian university looking into their attitudes of celibate and sexually active homosexual men and women found that those in conservative religions such as Christianity held more negative views towards lesbian women than they did of gay men. (Rosik, Griffith & Cruz, 2007)…

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