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  • Analysis Of Melody Beattie's Codependent No More

    The self-health book Codependent No More is in black and white by Melody Beattie, (1987) a recovering alcoholic, who became a well-known author It is my viewpoint after reading the book Codependent No More, defining by means of symptoms are vital in helping the codependent, to form their own help direction. While Beattie on the road to recovery, she advanced into a recovery councilor. One day on the job, her superiors asked her to form a support group for the non-addict partner in the year of 1976, (Beattie, 1987) pg. 1. Her thoughts were reluctant, on the topic, and the group. She initiated to educate herself, on codependents’ with very little theory out there, she was not sure on the subject. The codependent material was minimal even though she had a challenging time formulating and researching a definition, Beattie ultimately comprehended that the codependent had similar traits, they went through suffering, absent the alcohol or other drugs. (Pg.5) she detected the non-user had one specific trait they shared: they rationalized their thoughts by the approach of the helping of others, in the consequence of their abolishing their own life. Beattie realizes, the codependent helping thoughts were irrational and fixated with the succeeding a wide variety of symptoms after the helping; angry, guilt and low self-worth.…

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  • Twelve-Step Al-Anon Chapter Summary

    value and identity. She goes into detail on how a codependent is a person who believes that their happiness is derived from other people or one particular person. This eventually leads to obsessing or controlling the behavior of the person that is believed to be making them happy. Sadly, this can result in relationships with drug and alcohol lovers. The author also shares many of the Twelve-Step Al-Anon program objectives as it relates to recovery. Chapter three spoke to me the most. I like…

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  • David Scooks: The Shame Culture By David Brooks

    talks about the difference between shame culture and guilt culture on campuses. Mr. Brooks also talks about how even the normal shame culture has change within the college aged students. Throughout the article the author brings us back to his theory that “campuses are awash in moral judgment.” The author brings in social media as a way to back up his thinking stating that “social media has created a new sort of shame culture.” Brooks also goes on to talk about how the shame culture works within…

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  • Social Norms And Expectations Between Mores And Folkways And Social Consequences

    In Society, we have expectations on how to act in public known as social norms. It is hard to notice social norms until they are broken. There are two types of social norms folkways and mores and are different depending on their reactions or consequences. Folkways range from a simple introduction or greeting to how to act in public. They also change depending on location such as being shirtless on the beach which is normal or unlike being shirtless at a public school. When someone breaks a…

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  • Similarities Between Milgram And Zimbardo

    acceptance is what motivates such controversial research. Negative outlook on controversial research Morality is the main controversial and negative aspects of research. This is due to the fact that some experiments if not regulated can damage permanently a human being. Thus, in such cases the researchers manipulate the outcome of the individual. In van Rosmalen, van der Horst, & van der Veer (2012) pointed out how depriving a human being of interaction had dramatic effects on human…

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  • Human Relations In Virginia Woolf's Essay 'The Dead'

    Gabriel assumes his position appropriately. He recognizes Gretta as property that needs to be protected, and he attempts to stifle his desire to take Gretta as he please (in a true animalistic sense). To briefly digress, this is an instance where Gabriel thinks in a dualistic sense. He looks to protect Gretta, but also master her. A delicate balance between good and bad ways of thinking. While Gabriel struggles to hold on to gender norms and roles, Gretta is arguably letting go. It is possible…

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  • Lean In Play Analysis

    Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg Julie Lopez Over the past few years, “ Lean In” has been a book that I knew one day I’d read to find out her message. This was not a rags to riches story, yet it was how a strong determined woman interacts in what she refers to as the jungle gym on a day to day basis. Sheryl is considered a strong feminist that faced head on issues like gender norms, bias and more. Covering her life over the years which involved marriage, children, divorce, and work life balance.…

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  • Conformity In Today's Society

    In today’s society, we find ourselves conforming to society’s rule. We often mimic the gestures, languages, posture, and other behaviors of those we are surrounded by. Why do we feel the need to comply with those around us? Why are people considered different for going against the social norm? There is said to be two reasons for conformity, normative influence and informational influence. Normative influence is when people conform in order to be liked or accepted by others. An experiment by…

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  • Definition Of Abnormal And Social Norms

    Schizophrenia is a common and about 1 in 100 people will develop schizophrenia with some cultural differences. It usually develops during late adolescence and is more common in men than women. The onset of schizophrenia is normally in the form of an ‘acute episode’. When this happens, the individual may feel panic along with anger or depression during this episode. It can be a shocking experience because they are not expecting it or prepared for it. There are many explanations as to why people…

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  • Tradition In The Dollar Woman

    “Tradition, long conditioned thinking, can bring about a fixation, a concept that one readily accepts, perhaps not with a great deal of thought.” –Jiddu Kirshnamurti. When there is a strong tradition followed in a community, it is a major component in shaping the citizens beliefs. It is often the base for the society’s cultural and societal norms. This is regarded in Alden Nowlan’s play The Dollar Woman during multiple circumstances. As well as in the short story “The Boat” by Alistair MacLeod,…

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