David Scooks: The Shame Culture By David Brooks

Shame culture In “The Shame Culture (New York Times March 15, 2016) author David Brooks talks about the difference between shame culture and guilt culture on campuses. Mr. Brooks also talks about how even the normal shame culture has change within the college aged students. Throughout the article the author brings us back to his theory that “campuses are awash in moral judgment.” The author brings in social media as a way to back up his thinking stating that “social media has created a new sort of shame culture.” Brooks also goes on to talk about how the shame culture works within groups of people. The author David Brooks relates back to “The Closing of the American Mind” by Allen Bloom to show that blooms original theory was once correct, but no longer fits in with today’s society. Bloom suggested that personal values where more important than universal morals and nothing was really ever right or wrong. Brooks has stated that today’s college campuses are instead filled with moral judgment instead. Today people speak and act carefully as to not break one of the new norms. Those who do not think the way the majority does are faced with severe social consequences. On a college campuses breaking a norm will …show more content…
In a guilt culture you are determined good or bad by your own consciences feelings so in a guilt culture you feel you do bad things. In a shame culture you are determined good or bad by what the community think about you so social exclusion makes you feel that you are bad. Crouch also argues that “social media has created a new sort of shame culture” by creating a world of constant display. The need to be liked or praised on what we post is intense. His new moral life is not built on right and wrong it’s built on inclusion and

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