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  • Food Regulations Essay

    The main question my group members Laura Aday, Daniela Mejia-Lagos, and I discussed were how food regulation could be enhanced. The topic had dealt with food regulations in agriculture, livestock, and business. Poor food regulations in these areas could lead to health problems, norovirus outbreaks, and other forms of illnesses to the world population. The best solutions to my subtopic, which is business, was for the improvement of workers’ protection and universally accepted food safety laws. Workers in restaurants would receive paid sick days in order to discourage the spread of illness, especially when they’re handling food. A final attempt to pass the law needs to be made in order for it to be effective. The universally accepted food safety laws would include the regulations of pest control. Local restaurants in West Palm Beach had various issues dealing with pests in their kitchens and eating areas. A universal law could be passed to provide these restaurants a free pest control visit once a year, reducing the number of pests in their restaurants and maintaining a safe and sanitary environment. We discovered that there was no specific root of the problem in food regulations because there are various issues in every subtopic. When we came to this realization, we needed a solution that affected all of our subcategories. The final solution was the creation of an organization of qualified inspectors who investigate livestock, agriculture, and businesses. These inspectors…

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  • The New Testament Summary

    period. In the third chapter the author writes about type of script the New Testament was written in. There are two types of script the books were written in which are uncials or minuscule. Uncials, meaning large letters. Minuscule, meaning small letters. The forth chapter consist of the uncials the Sinaitic Manuscript and its importance. It is important because of the controversy surrounding the discovery, the gift that is was to the Czar, and the missing parts of the text. For the fifth…

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  • Genres And Figures Of Speech Essay

    Genres and Figures of Speech Overwhelming for many, the Bible presents challenges as one begins to read it. Written by multiple authors, and inspired by God, it displays a variety of genres and figures of speech sprinkled throughout for the reader to experience. Becoming familiar with several of the different genres and figures of speech within the Bible, a person’s understanding of it will increase. Genres Apodictic Law One of two major types of legal material present in the Old Testament,…

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  • Manichean Texts

    Manichean Texts of the Silk Road Tun-Huang was a major destination along the Silk Road. The caves of the thousand Buddhas contained many important manuscripts and pieces of art which have been used by historians to learn about the cultures of the Silk Road. Among these were three Manichean texts written in Chinese. These are the Hymnscroll, the Compendium of the Doctrines of Mani, and the Traité Pelliot. These are significant because they are some of the only written documents we have of the…

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  • Importance Of Food Hygiene Essay

    chemical, and physical hazards from raw material production, procurement and handling, to manufacturing, distribution and consumption of the finished product” In other words, HACCP is a systematic approach that is followed in order to prevent any kind of hazards that might interfere with the finished product and make it inconsumable or unsafe. When following HACCP’s approach: Identification, Evaluation and control of food safety is required. To make this systematic approach more practical and…

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  • SWOT Analysis Of Suva Fiji

    Fiji is stocking space. This is because most beverage manufacturers are represented by agents/distributors with sufficient stock but only for short-term needs. Agents/distributors rely on suppliers being able to restock at short notice, however given that our product is essentially loose leaf Tea this weakness is minimal (Food and beverage to Fiji - The Market, 2015). Opportunities: According to, the Fijian Ministries of Health, Trade and Commerce are working on a Food Security…

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  • Graph Of Estimated Health Risk Index Of PTE In Closia Case Study

    (2011); Joint FAO/WHO food standards programme codex committee on contaminants in foods, fifth session 64-89 FAO/WHO (2007). Joint FAO/WHO Food Standard Programme Codex Alimentarius Commission 13th Session. Report of the Thirty Eight Session of the Codex Committee on Food Hygiene. Houston, United States of America, ALINORM 07/30/13. Ferri R, Hashim D, Smith D.R, Guazzetti S, Donna F, et al., (2015) Metal Contamination of home garden soils and cultivated vegetables in the province of Brescia,…

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  • Gmf Persuasive Essay

    safety assessments that evaluate the environmental impact of GMF as well as their impact on human health. The WHO assures that the currently circulating crops of GMF do not have any adverse effects on the environment nor human health. The WHO (n.d.) explains that the current GMF do not lead to the feared consequences discussed by Smith (n.d.). As such, it is understood that the GMF today do not cause any allergies as they have been rigorously tested, and have not shown any allergenic properties.…

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