Analysis Of Melody Beattie's Codependent No More

The self-health book Codependent No More is in black and white by Melody Beattie, (1987) a recovering alcoholic, who became a well-known author
It is my viewpoint after reading the book Codependent No More, defining by means of symptoms are vital in helping the codependent, to form their own help direction. While Beattie on the road to recovery, she advanced into a recovery councilor. One day on the job, her superiors asked her to form a support group for the non-addict partner in the year of 1976, (Beattie, 1987) pg. 1. Her thoughts were reluctant, on the topic, and the group. She initiated to educate herself, on codependents’ with very little theory out there, she was not sure on the subject. The codependent material was minimal even though she had a challenging time formulating and researching a definition, Beattie ultimately comprehended that the codependent had similar traits, they went through suffering, absent the alcohol or other drugs. (Pg.5) she detected the non-user had one specific trait they shared: they rationalized their thoughts by the approach of the helping of others, in the consequence of their abolishing their own life. Beattie realizes, the codependent helping thoughts were irrational and fixated with the succeeding a wide variety of symptoms after the helping; angry, guilt and low self-worth.
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