Bottled Coconut Water Case Study

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Marketing orientation refers to a business model which target on satisfying the needs and wants of the ultimate customers. Fulfilling the customer’s needs and wants are the basic goal of any business. ACI also tries to discover them and tries to meet them accurately. ACI is a fast growing company with their variety of products and hence they definitely need to evaluate their cost and benefits regarding marketing orientation.
ACI have already captured their customer values and gained customer loyalty by providing good quality products to their respected customers. Numerous benefits can be achieved by ACI if they put more emphasize on market orientation for gaining more customers.
ACI tend to spend
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They are introducing this new product to the market in the upcoming Bengali new year festival. ACI segmented the consumer market through two variables. They will conduct some tests and will get a rough idea about their upcoming product. The two variables are: Geographic and Demographic. ACI will choose the division cities for their new product. City people more likely are health conscious, so as a result they will prefer coconut water in their daily life. Moreover bottled coconut water is not available in the market, so a good feedback is likely to come. Distributing the product will be easier in the division cities. This product will serve all the people including the younger ones along with the aged people. Everyone should likely to be interested in this product. It is most likely to come with a fruitful outcome as this is a new idea. Moreover bottled coconut water is new into the market. Hopefully trend will follow and will lead to a success. ACI has a good brand loyalty; as a result people may like this new …show more content…
ACI have identified their ultimate consumers for their new product. Now they are heading forward towards targeting.

Targeting have many segments, from which ACI have choosen undifferentiated/ mass marketing. ACI is aimed to serve all the people in the society with their new bottled coconut water product. Almost everyone will prefer this product into their life. They have targetted the entire market with this product only. Likely this strategy will be cheap then the other strategies as there is only one product to serve, produce and to distribute.
On the other hand ACI will suppluto the business market also. They have choosen the corporate office canteens for their new product. ACI will supply the bottled coconut water to the corporate offcie of the division cities of Bangladesh. Mostly they aim to serve the people with the natural refreshing drinks which can be very ease to get. People might like to have this bottled coconut water with their lunch instead of soft

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