Personal Narrative: My True Grandmother

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In my eyes she was the grandmother I never had. My true grandma ' was a grumpy mean old lady how wasn 't willingly to love her only granddaughter; probably because I was a girl, or probably because she hated my mother too much. Anyway my family story is to complicated to discuss and this essay is only about a person who impacted my life. What I would say is that this gentlewoman who loved me from the bottom of the Earth until the crashing stars was the godmother of my biological father. I have a vague memory of her presence in my life since I only saw her five times after I left, at seven years old, before that she was my daily host. Those vague memories that she left inside me had a bigger impact on me than anything else in my life, forging …show more content…
She used to cook three types of dishes for every meal. I bet her twisted back slayed her for still cooking in the eighty 's, but there was no one out there to cook for her so she got used to the habit. At that time I thought she was an endless fountain of evergreens, a true biblical creature sent by God especially for me. My whole spirit would swirl when she would cook me pasta with sweet breadcrumbs... yes although my head fancied for chocolate, and jelly beans, and minty flavored, greened powdered, rock candies, I could not ever in my dreams ask for such a thing. That senior woman could not afford any of those wildly wantings, only if it was a special occasion. To be honest she gave me something more than a bunch of unhealthy carbohydrates, she gave me the ability to appreciate the act, not the money; the striving of love which cannot always buy our material needs but it is always able to comfort our hearts. Instead of offering me different types of plastic packed goods which wore names of fruits although the product had nothing to do with any, she kept some of her pension in order to buy my bananas, mandarins, oranges, kiwis, cherries, apples, pears, plums, any fruit that was available at the store right on the corner. She didn 't went outside too much; I don 't have any memory of her going out side -I know she put young boys to go buy her all she need, because …show more content…
She was the one who knew that three side dishes where really lovely since you get to practice your proper cutlery. She made me understand why would you have a show-window nicely carved with silver that presents all the appropriate glasses you posses. She gave meaning to why the picture you have with your self need to be put in an classic frame at the view of every guest. She gave hope that even though life can try to take the best of what you have you can always recreate that best even if you cannot afford the same materials. My most dear memory of her was on the moths of June, every year, when her two fig trees would uncover ripe fruits of purple color. She always took good care of them since they were form the beginning of the time. Their leaves covered both Adam and Eve while they were still pure and perfect. The fig tree is a symbol that represented humanity throughout the Bible- she was, also, the woman who gave me belief, and she used as the center piece of my belief a fig tree. I was her only daughter since she had no children and I am ashamed to say that I left her just like an unwanted toy of a grownup, foolish child once my parents divorce an me and my mom moved away. I wish I would’ve called her more often while my mom still had her phone number, but I was to weak to talk to her since all the memories she left me were to serene

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