Importance Of Interior Landscaping

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Many times throughout a school day you may hear a student compare the halls and rooms of Woodbury High to the interior of a prison, and they're correct. The hallways and many of the classrooms are windowless and made of painted brick with no way to feel or see the outdoors, so why not bring the outdoors indoors? Interior landscaping essentially means adding plants and other decorative items such as fountains, rocks, and lighting. It can improve the school environment by filtering the air or by making the school look great while changing the atmosphere at little expense.
It makes sense to bring school funding to other things considered more important such as sports or electronics, but why not both? Surprisingly enough, interior landscaping can be cheap. A single iPad has a base price of $330 at Target but usually costs the school district an average of $700
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Plants can help fix that! While the A/C is unsatisfactory on doing its job in WHS to fix the temperatures, plants can be implemented to increase the humidity in a room and compliment the A/C by balancing out the air within the school, which decreases the amount of colds, sore throats and dry coughs! Another health benefit interior landscaping will bring is air filtration, plants can effectively take many toxins out of the air which improves health, breathing and of course, air purity.
In conclusion, we can improve the school's tone or environment by changing the usage of interior space and the colors we see. Benefit the health of the student body of WHS by filtering the air and changing the humidity within the building and to top it all off, bring the beauty of Woodbury High up to the levels of Woodbury's Central Park just by adding elements of interior landscaping. All for cheaper than we previously would have

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