Summary Of Jeopardizing The Health Of My Fetus

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Jeopardizing the Health of my Fetus.
Berger (2015) states that “A cascade may begin before a woman realizes she is pregnant, as many toxins, illnesses, and experiences can cause harm early in pregnancy” (pg.112). She explains that there is an increase in the risk of abnormalities and birth problems during pregnancy due to these factors. The author defines these factors as teratogens; which is an agent or condition that can impair prenatal development. Berger provides various examples of how all these factors in our everyday lives can harm a fetus. This paper will: 1) Analyze what is considered a teratogen based off a table; 2) Offer insight regarding my past (within the last month) if I would change my behavior in a scenario if I was pregnant ; and 3) Explain whether or not my community (family, partner, myself etc) would not want a baby.
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(2). The table lists various forms a diseases, pollutants, social and behavioral factors, medicinal drugs, and psychoactive drugs that have harmful effects to the fetus. The author does a great job by introducing what the teratogens are, its effects, and offer what can be a solution or what should be prevented from while pregnant. For example, its gives many medicinal drugs that may harm the fetus with the harmful effects listed right next to them. It also lists a preventative measure which in this case states “Avoid all medicines, whether prescription or over the counter, during pregnancy unless given by a medical professional who knows recent research on teratogens”(pg.

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