Thomson Mother And Fetus Analysis

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In her essay, Thomson does not thoroughly account for the relationships between the mother and the fetus. She does not place enough significant weight on the acknowledge that the fetus is a direct result of the mother. For example, in the people-seed case, it appears that the people-seed is simply using her house for its own development. There seems to be no relation between the people-seed and the house. However, in the abortion debate, the mother is quite literally part of the fetus, specifically genetically half of the fetus. For example, say that an H+ ion and an OH- ion are walking down the street, simultaneously checking each other out. They decide to connect, forming H2O, more commonly known as water. For water to become water, it needs …show more content…
They may wish to assume responsibility for it, or they not wish to” (Thomson 98). If the parents were not in a position to have children, then a more than reasonable precaution to avoid a pregnancy would be to remain abstinent which guarantees a hundred percent success rate. The parents should not be assuming the risk of pregnancy, even implicitly or tacitly, from sexual intercourse if the mother is not capable of assuming the duty, assuming the claim right against her of a potential fetus. Personally, I do believe that the parents by virtue of their biological relationship to the fetus have a special responsibility for it. Without the two parents, without both the people-seed and the house, without the H+ ion and OH- ion, the resulting products’ existences would not have been possible. The combination of each pairing directly produces the fetus, the people-person, and water, respectively. And with the combination, both parties—albeit implicitly or explicitly, depending on the situation—do inherently assume responsibility for their actions and the subsequent

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