Essay On Endometriosis

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Endometriosis refers to a painful condition where tissue begins to form outside of the uterus. This condition very often may also involve the ovaries, rectum and other parts of the body that tissue will spread towards. One example of Endometriosis reaching the ovaries is that cyst will form in the ovaries, these are called Endometriomas. Endometrial tissue normally works by thickening, breaking down and causing bleeding cycles with each menstrual period. This will irritate the area causing great damage and scar tissue, since the endometrial tissue can’t leave the human body it will become stuck, and that is where problems start to arise. This condition often brings pain to the patient ranging from mild to severe, especially
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Another possible cause could be embryonic cell growth, this is when several areas of the abdominal lining happen to change into endometrial tissue. Even there is not much information towards how true these might be causes to endometriosis one of the most likely explanation or cause of endometriosis leans more towards retrograde menstruation. During a retrograde menstruation the blood is believed to carry endometriosis cells, at this point the menstruation flows back right into the fallopian tube and into the pelvic cavity causing cells to attach to the pelvic organs and pelvic walls where they start to develop by thickening and bleeding over the course of the cycle. Regardless of the many theories there may be for this condition there is several factors that may put an individual at a bigger risk for developing endometriosis such as, uterine abnormalities, relatives with endometriosis (mother, aunt or sister), continuous pelvic infection, never giving birth or an abnormal blockage that prevents the normal passage of menstrual blood out of the

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