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  • The Importance Of Respiratory Care

    support immediately after birth. One of the most common reasons would be in the incidence of respiratory distress syndrome (RDS). Respiratory distress syndrome is a disease that typically affects premature newborns caused from an insufficient amount of surfactant in the lungs. For infants with severe RDS, may require endotracheal intubation and administration of surfactant via endotracheal tube. For infants who are still having trouble ventilating, they may stay intubated, however most are extubated immediately and placed on additional noninvasive ventilatory support. Traditionally, the infant may be placed on NCPAP or NIPPV, however more recently there has been studies conducted on HFNC having similar effects to reduce the work of breathing. The study, reported in Pediatric Pulmonology, confirms that the flow from the HFNC creates a positive end expiratory pressure (PEEP) effect which has proven to be very beneficial providing support. Unfortunately, the amount of PEEP being delivered can not be measured, so some healthcare facilities are weary of this tool. Prior studies have deemed that NIPPV is probably more effective than NCPAP in reducing the need for endotracheal ventilation in the primary treatment of RDS, especially in infants >1000g, but there has been no similar study conducted regarding NIPPV and HFNC (Kugelman, A., Riskin, A., Said, W., Shoris, I., Mor, F. and Bader, D., 2015, pg. 577). In this study they used a Vapotherm with is a precision flow delivery…

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  • Essay On Pediatric Intubation

    Easy pediatric nasal intubation Abstract: Background: Pediatric anesthesiologists use Magill forceps commonly during nasotracheal intubation but often have difficultly during advancing the nasotracheal tube into the trachea, differences in pediatric airway structure relative to adults are thought to be the reason of this problem. The modified pediatric Magill forceps (modified by Farrukh and his colleagues) added anteroposterior firm grasping of the nasotracheal tube enables us for…

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  • Observing Osmosis

    dialysis tubing was used to mimic the selectively permeable membrane to show what osmosis does when placed in different solutes. We filled dialysis tubes fill with different percentages of solute and placed them in beakers full of a different solute. Through this experiment, I saw what happens when the solution becomes hypertonic, hypotonic, and isotonic. My hypothesis was that bag A would shrink because the water would leave the bag to go to the higher concentration. Bag B would stay the…

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  • Pyro Board Research Paper

    I chose to do my project on the Pyro board which is an adaptation of the Rubens tube. The Pyro board uses fire to demonstrate sound waves. I chose this as my project because I find music and fire fascinating. Having them interact to demonstrate the physics side of sound helped me understand all the different aspects that can effect sound waves and alter the way we interpret them. Before I started to build my Pyro board I did research on how they worked why they worked and why the flames reacted…

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  • Dehumanization In The Holocaust Essay

    In these camps “the death rates were so high, from malnutrition, typhus and exhaustion that the disposal of corpses became a serious problem.” (THE CAMPS) The treatment in transporting and caring for the victims is probably one of the main factors in the dehumanization of people during Holocaust. The victims were treated inferior simply because of their nationality. The Nazi’s made it a point to degrade these people in every way possible by taking away their rights and free will.…

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  • Affinity Chromatography Lab Report

    Figure 3, Affinity Column: Protein Concentration and Enzyme Activity, shows the two peaks for protein concentrations on the red line. The blue line, showing the enzymes activity, overlaps with test tube six that contained the active trypsin. The lack of overlap over test tube one combined with a peak for a protein concentration identifies the inactive trypsin. Using the equation in the sample calculation of trypsin percentage, it was found that there was 75.6% yield of trypsin. Future labs…

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  • Personal Narrative: Close Call On Current River

    finally arrived at the water’s edge my brother John and I were so excited, we basically leapt out of the car before it came to a complete stop. Larry and my uncles unloaded the cars, while my Aunt Janet and Sister Lorena went to pick up the tubes. John and I decided to jump in the water to cool off while everybody else got everything ready for the trip down the river. We were all laughing and smiling all the while oblivious to the impending tragedy that lies ahead. The moment I jumped into that…

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  • Pah Lab

    to a gentle boil, the sodium silicate solution was slowly added into the sodium aluminate solution, using beaker tongs to handle the hot beaker. The solution was then continuously stirred and kept at 90° C for 60 minutes. After 60 minutes, 0.7844g of and 0.3985g of were added to the solution. The solution was stirred until the iron compounds dissolved completely. Next, the heat was turned off and the solution was allowed to cool for 5 minutes. Equal amounts of the solution were then put into…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Ski Trip To Vermont

    about 6 of my friends (including me) all decided that we wanted to go to Vermont for the weekend to ski and snow tube. Considering this would be my first trip with no parental guidance at all, I was apprehensive about asking my mom. On the way to drop me off after school one day, my best friend Tony told me to tell her that he was going too so then she’d say yes for sure, since she loves him so much. After what felt like hours of trying to muster up the courage upstairs in my room, I walked…

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  • Toothpaste Energy

    Personal Energy and Material of Toothpaste The cycle of energy that gets put into the simple product of a tube of toothpaste is a rather lengthy one. Most people simply think of the raw materials that are put into the toothpaste, but what about the tube itself? Most people just consider the resources that are put into the paste, but what about the energy used to transport those resources or to mix them together. Perhaps one has considered the tube and the energy that was put into making it, but…

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