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  • The Importance Of Physical Activity And A Balanced Diet

    so on cancer as well as some other conditions and how to diagnosis and treat it. On the flip side, our OBOS chapter discusses more on the emotional side and how to deal with these conditions. Within the OBOS chapter it talked a lot more about endometriosis, hysterectomy and breast cancer. A few thing that I saw that where not mentioned in Alexander was pelvic inflammatory disease, von Willebrand disease and DES (diethylstilbestrol). DES was the most shocking to read. OBOS explains, “DES is a…

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  • Zoladex Research Paper

    Headache Zoladex Treatment For Prostate Cancer In Men Prostate cancer affects men and Zoladex is used to manage it. During the use of Zoladex, you have to be prepared for Zoladex side effects prostate cancer which is similar to Zoladex side effects endometriosis. In men, testosterone supports cancer cells to grow. When Zoladex is taken by a man, the testosterone levels declines significantly, this prevents prostate cancer from spreading and the cancer cells shrink. Production of testosterone…

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  • Hydrosalpinx Research Paper

    Hydrosalpinx represents fluid trapped in a distended fallopian tube with distal occlusion, and occurs in the setting of previous pelvic inflammatory disease. The appearance on grayscale ultrasound is of a tubular and elongated cystic mass with incomplete septations or indentations along its walls (“waist sign” or “cogwheel”)[18]. In order to fully appreciate the tubular structure of the cyst, the ultrasound probe may be turned by a 90° angle, and a seemingly simple cyst will appear to be tubular…

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  • Homeostasis: The Integumentary System

    of the endometrial and breast cancer (Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)). Younger women who had surgical menopause due to endometriosis run the risk of having osteoporosis at an earlier age. Hormonal replacement therapy may prevent the risks of osteoporosis and menopausal symptoms for these younger women, but the hormonal replacement therapy could result in the endometriosis symptoms and disease recurring. Hormonal replacement therapy does not seem to be a good solution to help prevent and/or…

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  • Crohn Research Paper

    Crohn’s Disease Symptoms – Is There a Way to Manage Them? Crohn’s disease symptoms vary from one patient to the next. Depending on how mild or severe the condition is, the signs could be anywhere from mere nausea to bleeding. There are extraintestinal manifestations which are rarely present. The disease can also affect different parts of the body such as the skin, liver, joints and the eyes. Kids can present delays in growth development. About a third of Crohn’s patients develop the perianal…

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  • Definition Essay: What Does It Mean To Be A Woman

    What does it mean to be a female? According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a female is someone of the sex that can produce eggs and give birth to young (Cambridge Dictionary). Some parts of society are more specific, stating that females are defined by key characteristics such as having two x chromosomes, enlarged breasts, long hair, and a lack of beards. Females in most societies are supposed to be delicate. They like flowers and wear dresses. Females have also been taught to be subordinate to…

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  • Benefits Of Robotic Surgery

    Te chnology i s revolu tionizing the me dical field with the cre ation of robotic devic es and complex imagi ng. Mini mally invasive su rgery, or robot a ssisted surgery, is a co ncept surrounding many common proced ures that existed prio r to the i ntro duction of robots. The g oal of us ing robo ts in medic ine is to prov ide imp roved diagnost ic abili ties, a less invasive and more com fortable experie nce for the p atient, and the abi lity to do smal ler…

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  • Brief Summary: In Vitro Fertilization

    Katherine Santana Mrs. Tapia English 3 Honors 11 November, 2015 In Vitro Fertilization Patrick Steptoe, a pioneer of fertility treatment, once said, “I'm not a wizard or a Frankenstein tampering with Nature. We are not creating life. We have merely done what many people try to do in all kinds of medicine—to help nature. We found nature could not put an egg and sperm together, so we did it. We do not see anything immoral in doing that in the interests of the mother. I cannot see anything immoral…

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  • My Passion For Enduring Passion For Veterinary Medicine

    noticed a correlation between her episodes and her menstrual cycles. Sure enough, a palpable mass in the region of the macaque’s bladder was discovered. An abdominal ultrasound revealed multiple cysts and she was diagnosed with a severe case of endometriosis. Witnessing the results of the hormone treatments and her return to her natural demeanor is what excites me most about applying my observational skills in veterinary medicine. Through my personal interactions and my experiences in the…

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  • Argument In Favor Of Birth Control

    A child that rides a bike has heard their mother say “Wear your helmet,” a seemingly endless amount of times. Why? Because, it is a preventative measure and any mother knows it is better to encourage their child to wear a helmet than to treat a head injury. Birth control is like a bicycle helmet in the sense that it is more protective and reliable than just trying to be careful, however, it is expensive and difficult for many women without health insurance to obtain. By making birth control free…

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