Irrational?-Personal Narrative

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Everything felt like it was going in slow motion once I walked into the doors of the hospital. Doctors were running from one end to the other without skipping a beat while families were crying over losses and tragedies. Everything felt so overwhelming, but I knew what I had came to do. My heart began to race as I approached the reception desk.

"Can I help you?" the woman asked.

I could hear the words she was saying but I couldn 't find anything to say back.

She looked at me again and asked once more.

"Can I help you mam?" she said with more of a force.

I swallowed and replied, "Um, Bruno... I mean um... Peter, Peter Hernandez..."

She looked through the fumbled papers on her desk and responded with, "Room 707, floor 8. The elevator is
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He was there, through thick and thin, hell and high water, my lows and my highs... and never complain, not even once... Well not until last week.


"Estelle! Just stop and listen to yourself! Maybe then you will see how irrational you sound!" he screamed at me as I paced in front of my apartment building.

"Irrational! Irrational? What are you being then? Chasing after a girl that has told you over and over that I don 't want this! I 'm so sick of you, I never thought I 'd just say it, but I 'm so sick of you butting in and out of my life whenever you fucking please!" I yelled in return as I walked closer to my door.

"Bruno, I don 't want to do this with you anymore..." I sighed searching for my keys while trying my best not to look at him, because then he might see the tears that filled my eyes.

"Estelle, you don 't think I 'm tired of us having the same argument?!? I am! I just wish you would just listen to me!" he yelled.

I turned and looked at him, "I have! What do you want me to say Bruno! What do you want to hear from me? You want me to say I love you? You want me to agree with you and say that all these other guys aren 't right for me? Like you would know..." I started to laugh to

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