Personal Narrative: A Vacation

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About four years ago my family and I decided to go on a trip to visit some family, friends, and just to go on a vacation. We started in South Dakota of course, and all of my family came up to our house from Iowa to car pool before we left. As soon as everyone was at our house, we all got in the car and left. It was a short trip to our next stop, compared to how long it took to get to all of the other stops. Our first stop was outside of Emporia, Kansas, to see my Grandma and spend some time with her since we don’t see her that often. While we were there we went into Emporia to go shopping and to eat. Also, we had to drive by Newman Regional Health Hospital, since that’s where I was born. After that, we headed back to her house and got ready to leave in the morning. After we got up, we finished packing our car and said our goodbyes. After we left Emporia, it was a long ride, eleven hours to be somewhat exact. We drove all the way from Emporia to Rio Rancho, New Mexico. Since it’s in New Mexico, as one could probably guess thats its an adobe clay house and is about 10 miles from the Rio Rancho Tram (Sandia Peak Ski and Tram) station that takes the group from the bottom of the mountain to the top of the mountain where anyone can go …show more content…
We went to Pensacola mainly for vacation, but also because it’s one part of where my mom’s parents used to live. Pensacola was probably the best stop of the whole trip because it was dedicated to vacation and relaxing. The first thing we did when we got there, of course, was go to the beach and go swimming. I didn’t enjoy swimming in the ocean as much as I thought I would though, mainly because there was so many jellyfish at that time that no one could really swim, it was more of walking in the water and dodging the jellyfish. My brother was the only one that got stung out of our family so that’s good I

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