Employment Scenarios, Discipline, And Arbitration Case Study

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Employment Scenarios, Discipline, and Arbitration Employees often partake in actions and do not think of the future consequences. Job performance does not always make up for the action. After all, most of the times it’s the bad things that get remembered. Discipline is necessary to ensure employees do not conduct this abuse again. If the employer wrongfully uses discipline, the employee and union steward might need to go to arbitration to get the problem resolved.
The Case of the Substance Abuse
St. Jude’s Hospital is noted in the medical field for being a highly successful in taking care of sick children. The employees and volunteers go out of their way to find medicinal cures and other ways to make a child feel both comfortable and normal. The organization’s devotion to curing children’s illnesses can cause problems for employees that have become addicted to pain medications. The abuse can lead to both physical, mental, and financial problems for the distraught employee.
Becky Ellis is a devoted nurse that has been working for the hospital for eight years. She works with child who have cancer. She is very thoughtful, plays with the children, and gives them pain medicine in the prescribe dosage to help them feel more
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Jude’s Hospital policy on arbitration states,” If a dispute cannot be settled, human resources needs to contact the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services (FMCS) to get an arbitrator to settle the issue.” The HR supervisor called FMCS concerning this issue. FMCS then screened five candidates for the hearing. The candidates consisted of two males and one female. Mark Henry, the first candidate, is a retired African-American pro wrestler who has dealt with issues involving steroid abuse in professional sports. Ted Dibase is a pastor and counselor who deals with addiction. Susan Fabian is a lawyer that deals with cases on work place conflict. After interviews by the union steward and HR, they had decided on Ted Dibase to hear the

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