Employee Assistance Reflection

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Reflection Paper Employee Assistance Programs are crucial for the well-being of an organization. In today’s world there are many factors that inhibit employee productivity. For instance, depression, grieve, divorce, substance abuse, financial instability and others. These issues can negatively impact the overall cost of running an organization. Offering Employee Assistance programs enables the employee to address life difficulties in order to experience wellness in the workplace, resulting in higher return on investment.
Substance Abuse Assistance Substance abuse in the workplace is a problem that can be detected and dealt with. In order to detect if an employee is struggling with substance abuse, employers need to be trained to detect odd behavior. Substance abuse causes for an
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Having to manage work, family and personal matters could be difficult to achieve. Time management is a crucial skill in order to be successful with dealing with all the different areas of one’s life. There are many books that offer help with time management, but at times it results in the reader feeling guilty due to the level of effort that it takes in order to complete all of the recommendations given. The article Time Management: A Realistic Approach by Valerie P. Jackson, MD, covers simple steps for one to master time management.
The execution of realistic time management tactics will result in efficiency and a quality of life. Accept the reality that one must prioritize since it is nearly impossible to give every task the same priority. Take vacation time, enjoy life and stop feeling guilty for what did not get done since tomorrow is a new day. The advantage of having time to relax will result in a brain that is more effective in every area of one’s

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