Empathy The Superpowers Analysis

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Empathy the Super Power Sam Ferrigno, in his article, “Everyday Heroes: 8 Real Super Powers Every Human Has (And Sometimes Takes for Granted)” gives list of the human superpowers. The superpowers include Materialization-Imagination, Healing Touch- Compassion, Cloning-Memory, super Strength- Endurance, Telepathy- Intuition, Invulnerability- Bravery, and Empathy – Empathy. He claims every human has special super power and character traits that are unnoticed. He defines and explains very nicely the characteristics of the superpowers. According to Sam Ferrigno, Empathy means “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another”. Based on the definition my belief is that “Empathy” is my superpower because I always try to understand …show more content…
Empathy and Sympathy are very close and sometimes used as synonyms, but they are different. Empathy is about feelings while sympathy is about action. If you sympathize with someone, you understand what they are feeling, but don’t feel it yourself. If you empathize with someone, you are experiencing the emotions with them. Being empathize is very important not only to us, but also to our whole society. There are many benefits of being empathy. For example, it connects people together; when you empathize with someone, his emotions are connected to yours, as a result, he feels good and less alone. Empathy is also helpful to build the trust. Empathy is very helpful to heal the others emotional wounds. Emotional empathy is feeling to feeling connection. When people are connected with other people’s feelings, they are accepting and experiencing them with them. Emotional empathy is the discipline of serving as a passage of another person’s feelings without judgment or …show more content…
Among the list of superpowers, empathy is also one of the most powerful skills. Empathy is a natural power that we can use it to the people around us to understand them. We can develop this skill by carefully listening and putting our self into their situations. Also we can show our verbal and non-verbal behavior to present our interest to the speker. Being empathize is very helpful to build a relationship. It is also very helpful at workplace and in society where we can connect to people by seeing them through their point of

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