Empathy In Animals

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My popular press article is called Bonobo Monkeys Feel Empathy Too published on August 14, 2014 in the animals section of Nature Would news on the natureworldnews.com website. The original per-reviewed article that corresponds with this article is called Yawn Contagion in Humans and Bonobos: Emotional Affinity Matters More than Species which was published in PeerJ on August 12, 2014. The researchers, Palagi et al (2014) were looking at the evolutionary aspects of empathy. Affective empathy (feelings) is the ability to sense and share another’s emotions, but cognitive empathy (thinking) is the ability of thinking about what another is going through and thinking also (Palagi et al 2014). Affective empathy (emotional) is the starting point that …show more content…
In the reading, The Emotional Lives of Animals, Chapter 1, The Case for Animal Emotions and Why They Matter, the author, Marc Bekoff, writes about animal emotions and animal empathy. Bekoff (2007) writes that “Empathy or compassion is an important secondary emotion to identify in animals, for it demonstrates a selfless caring for others” (Bekoff 2007). He (Bekoff 2007) discusses several cases of animals showing empathy for other animals. For example, he saw a herd of elephants that always waited for a crippled member and even fed her sometimes. Another example was of two orphaned bear cubs. One was wounded, which caused him to limp and swim slowly making it difficult to find food. The other cub stayed with him and brought food to him, helping him to survive (Bekoff 2007). He (Bekoff 2007) writes that although brains may be smaller in animals, animal brains have the same parts as humans do to have emotions and empathy (Bekoff 2007). Bekoff seems to agree with the results of the yawn contagion study as he writes that he believes scientific evidence has shown that that is not true that the human capacity for empathy sets them apart from all other animals as some scientists think (Bekoff 2007). He (Bekoff 2007) writes that studies have shown that animals have emotions and empathy

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