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  • Irony In Mass Incarceration

    The irony in mass incarceration in the United States is that its purpose is to deter crime, yet it does the exact opposite. Contrary to modern belief, mass incarceration in the United States has increased drastically. Many factors can contribute to the uprising in incarceration. Though prison’s sole purpose is to deter crime, it in fact increases it. Sources suggest that first time offenders, and ex-convicts are highly likely to commit another crime after leaving prison, thus depicting the prison system’s failure in deterring crime. Many question whether prison is an effective punishment for criminals because its aftereffect causes ex-convicts to commit more crime. In comparison to other countries, the incarceration rate of the United States…

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  • Impact Of Mass Incarceration

    Rikers: The Social Impact of Mass Incarceration in the Twenty-First Century” by Jennifer Wynn, she stated that when she visited Rikers and was waiting in the waiting room, she was the only white person there (Wynn, pg.1). She later found that ninety percent of the inmates were black or Hispanic (Wynn, pg. 2) and that ninety three percent were male (Wynn, pg. 4). Although not as large as black men, there has also been an increase of minority women’s imprisonment. According to the…

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  • Mass Incarceration

    According to the NYC Department of Juvenile Justice, the incarceration rate of East Harlem is almost 3 times higher than the Manhattan rate and the assault rate is of East Harlem is more than twice the citywide rate According to the mapping center, in East Harlem, 1 in every 20 males has been to prison and a large portion of the convicts will come back to the same swath of East Harlem between third and park avenue. In order to keep East Harlem lawbreakers imprisoned, the state spent more than…

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  • Incarceration Barriers

    Incarceration rates within the United States are among the highest in the world, but when sentences come to an end, offenders are released back into the community. As hundreds of thousands of offenders are released from prison each year, the stigma of being an ex-prisoner results in a multitude of obstacles, such as housing, employment, and relationships (Plante, 2015). Because reintegration back into the community can be such a difficult process, attention needs to be given to reentry barriers…

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  • Incarceration Advantages

    the overcrowding situation is lessened, there would be the opportunity for larger meeting spaces, hopefully resulting in a potential rise in group participation rates. If an alternative to incarceration proves viable, perhaps these services could be offered to those populations outside of the grounds of the prison and would help to give the individuals the social context in which to apply these therapies while going through them. As an example, drug or alcohol addiction treatment within prison…

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  • Incarceration Versus Rehabilitation

    nonviolent drug crimes. However, the time has come to compare the effectiveness of incarceration versus rehabilitation as a means of managing the problem of drug use. At the same time, considering the factor of one 's socioeconomic status as a contributor to incarceration for drug use. Effective change is needed to reduce the expanding rates of incarceration in the United States through the legal reform of punishments for nonviolent drug crimes, increasing funding…

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  • Mass Incarceration Essay

    Over the past several years, multitude of legislative bodies have made many attempts to reform their sentencing and incarceration laws to address the problem of mass incarceration of our citizenry. Apparently, some of these efforts have been successful and other not so. In the next few paragraphs I will be analyzing the article “Does Smarter Sentencing Equal Lower Prison Numbers?” Within this analyzation I will give my readers my general reaction of the article. I will also touch on what is…

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  • Parent Incarceration Research

    I think having a parent that is incarcerated can affect the child not just emotionally but mentally as well. Parent incarceration can cause a child to have attachment issues because it makes it hard for children to build long lasting with others; children may suffer from depression, they are often sad and don’t want to participate in regular activities that they have done with parent that is incarcerated; or they become antisocial they don’t want to be sociable and they not as emphatic as others…

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  • Incarceration Vs Prison

    The United States is a prison society. We have the highest incarceration rate in the world – more than historically harsh societies such as Russia and China; we sentence people to longer sentences than other nations; and we are one of the only developed countries who still practice the death penalty. Our rate of incarceration increased a staggering 700% from 1970 to 2005 (banking on bondage pg 5, 11) and, as of 2013, 1 out of every 110 adults in the USA are in jail or prison, with a further 1 in…

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  • Prison Incarceration Research

    Research states that the United States has the largest incarceration rate in the world. The prison population rate had increased immediately after 1970 with increase number of 1.3million inmates while the incarceration rate increased with number of 400 per 100,000 (Clear et al., 2013). However, there seems to be little relationship between the crime rate and the incarceration rate. The United States prison overcrowding results from the increment in the rate of arrest and the approach to…

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