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  • Relationship Between Colonization And Incest Behaviors In Beetle Species

    relationship between colonization and incest behaviors amongst populations of these beetles. Although the species is indicated to have strong relative, kin, and familial recognition, similar to the lemurs studied by Boulet, the difference of the environment and ecological barriers that were present in the beetle populations have major consequences on their mating choices. (Jordal, Beaver, and Kirkendall, 2001) The sociobiological theory approach to incest avoidance also takes into consideration the role of biological and ecological limitations which enforce different pressures on alternate types of environmental relationships (Hartung, 1985). There were consistent differences between the beetle populaces that include incest and inbreeding vs…

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  • Incest Theory

    One of the most influential studies about incest is found in Claude Lévi-Strauss’ The Elementary Structures of Kinship, where the anthropological aspect of incest is discussed. Although this paper’s analysis is focused on Lacan’s psychoanalytical theory of desire, Lévi-Strauss theory of the structures of kinship has been used in almost every discussion about incest; therefore it should be explained before moving farther with this paper. Lévi-Strauss establishes the structures of kinship, which…

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  • The Effects Of Incest On Whales

    Not only does SeaWorld separate the mothers from their calves, but they also force incest among the whales. Like our own species, incest is seen as taboo to whales. Hargrove explained that one female whale Katina was mated with her son Taku, creating the calf named Nalani. Katina refused to accept Nalani after her birth. Another instance of this was with a whale named Kohana who bred with her uncle Keto two different times. Kohana rejected both of those offspring (Hargrove). It is clear that…

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  • Incest Crime Essay

    responsibility to suggest possible strategies for reducing the crime of incest in this country. With the aid of statistical data, we can determine the patterns of an incestuous behavior in order to eliminate it from the future. We begin by defining incest and discuss all pertinent areas that can aid in a respective solution. What is Incest? Incest is defined as sexual contact or marriage between family members; an incestuous relationship can occur between (1) mother- son, (2) father-daughter,…

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  • Incest Research Papers

    Child sexual abuse can be traced through out history and different cultures all over the world. Many people may wonder "why? why would someone do that?" well first off let me tell you, this horrific epidemic is nothing new. The true root of CSA is Incest, incest is when two people who are related, and of the same blood line have sexual encounters. It was apart of many family structures back in the day, it was their way of keeping the family together. In my opinion I find incest sick and corrupt,…

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  • Children Of Incest Research Paper

    No one is born promiscuous. This destructive behavior is learned from someone. Children and adults often “tell” by acting out. For a young child asking if they can touch grandpa's penis is a clue that something has happened to the child that shouldn’t have. Children of incest or long-term sexual abuse grow up to be wounded adults with complicated emotional issues. Unfortunately, the symptoms are misinterpreted or often dismissed. Are you promiscuous? Are you addicted to drugs and/or alcohol?…

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  • Abortion: Incest Or The Mother's Life

    Abortion Anti-abortion really stirs up many questions on whether or not women have the right to have an abortion. Being against abortion, I think that woman should not have the right to have an abortion, and the human fetus is a human being that does have the right to live and fulfill a spot into today’s society along with making an impact in some way. Who knows what that fetus could be or could do, without giving it a chance to the gift of life who will know their possibilities? Nobody will…

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  • Beth's Case: The Case Of Incest

    threatened to reveal a secret. He claimed that the intercourse was consensual. Beth and her mother agreed to have an abortion performed. Afterwards, the doctor categorized the case as child abuse, which must be reported to the state government. Beth’s mother protested, citing a high likelihood of the story spreading through their small town at a detriment to Beth and her family. Beth’s mother called the incident a case of incest, which the hospital has failed to report in the past. Defining…

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  • Sibling Incest Research Paper

    · Sexual abuse in children is found in all socioeconomic classes and family settings. At one time girls were sexually abused more than boys however, boys are being sexually abused, but many times it is unreported and not told until adulthood. · The age of the child at the onset of the sexual abuse. The highest risk are children between the ages of 8 and 12 years old. · Sibling abuse has been increasing. Children don’t often report sexual abuse to their parents or and adult. Parents of…

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  • Health Care Case Study: Accomplices In Incest

    Case study on Accomplices in Incest The scenario that I choose for this case study is about a fifteen-year-old female who was forcibly to have sex with her father and became a pregnant. By the time she discovered her pregnancy, it was 19 weeks pregnant. In this paper, I will provide different options my patient can consider and will be applying health care principles and theories to support the options offer to her. I believe that helping this young lady keep the fetus for the rest of pregnancy…

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